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Exploring Chemical Sciences on ScienceOpen

Exploring Chemical Sciences on ScienceOpen

With over 86 million publications, ScienceOpen has become the go-to research and discovery network for many scholars, researchers, and science enthusiasts. On our network you can find everything from articles to books and conference proceedings, posters, and preprints ready to be reviewed in a variety of disciplines.

Today, we want to highlight our content in Chemistry and disciplines relating to Chemical Sciences, highlighting exciting and innovative scholarly content featured on ScienceOpen!

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AsiaChem echoes the voice of the Federation of Asian Chemical Societies (FACS). This biannual, free-access magazine comprises diverse articles on cutting-edge science, history, essays, interviews, and anything that would interest the broad readership within the chemical sciences.

All open access articles are authored by scientists who were born in Asian countries or actively working in Asia, representing innovations and new perspectives in chemical sciences.

Explore the magazine collection and the latest issue about Chemistry in India:

Acta Materia Medica provides a platinum open access platform for rapid publication of the latest findings, approaches, and viewpoints related to all related areas of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences, including, but not limited to, pharmacology, toxicology, pharmaceutics, medicinal chemistry, pharmacokinetics, and other related disciplines.

Nano-Horizons is intended to be the voice of the African nano-community in this fast-rising multidisciplinary field at the interface of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Materials science, Computation & modelling. The focus is the multidisciplinary field of Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies and it provides important input in areas related to Chemistry and Chemical Sciences as well.

Karger Publishers features a publishing program for the research community that encompasses over 100 peer-reviewed journals, including a growing number of Gold and Platinum Open Access journals. The research-oriented portfolio is published predominantly in English, reflecting the international character of the scientific community and Karger encompasses almost the entire medical spectrum.

Discover chemistry- and health-related publications in the Karger Publishers Super collection:

De Gruyter Materials Science collection features multidisciplinary content in Materials Science, with publications and graduate-level textbooks, a special STEM series for career beginners, traditional monographs, and a collection of articles from  De Gruyter open access journalsNanophotonicsNanotechnology ReviewsEnergy Harvesting and Systems and Reviews in Chemical Engineering.

De Gruyter publishes first-class scholarship, with over 1,300 new book titles each year and more than 900 journals in the humanities, social sciences, medicine, mathematics, engineering, computer sciences, natural sciences, and law.

Explore articles covering disciplines of chemical sciences and chemical engineering:

Akadémiai Kiadó and its publishing program aim to promote international and Hungarian science by publishing new discoveries in several areas of science. Its super collection on ScienceOpen  is divided into 5 separate topical ones that cover different disciplines from microbiology to nanotechnology and social sciences. In the super collection of AK Journals users can get quick access to important research in disciplines related to Chemistry as well as other fields covered by the wide scope of AK Journals.

Check out articles like:

Electronic Workshops in Computing (eWiC) series features proceedings of specialist workshop by BCS and is designed to provide information that represents a snapshot of current knowledge, debate or research.

This series cover the broadest possible range of topics, subject only to the workshops being firmly established in the computing sciences and being of interest to the wider community. Explore the collection and check out articles presenting research at the meeting points between chemical and computing sciences.

EDP Sciences: UN SDGs research collection features open access research published by EDP Sciences that supports the Sustainable Development Goals highlighted in a multilingual featured collection on our network. Explore chemical sciences content by EDP Sciences’ best journal articles, book titles, and conference proceedings.

Innovations in Drug Repurposing

Drug Repurposing Research Collection is one of the many research collections supported by the European wide intervention on Drug Repurposing: REPO4EU. The aim of the project is to ultimately host and grow an EU industry-level online platform for drug repurposing with a global reach to move the industry from imprecise drug therapy to precision medicine. 

Binding sites of SARS-CoV-Nsp13 helicase. Read the full article: ‘Therapeutic potential of compounds targeting SARS-CoV-2 helicase’ on ScienceOpen.

ScienceOpen is a proud member of the REPO4EU consortium, providing the digital publishing space and platform for curation and distribution of research outputs that provide expertise throughout the whole value chain in drug repurposing: from freedom-to-operate analysis to intellectual property protection and business development, health technology assessment, ethics, and data governance considerations.

The Drug Repurposing Research collection is a great source for scientists and chemical sciences enthusiasts. Explore and follow REPO4EU on ScienceOpen for more exciting updates and innovations in Drug Repurposing!

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