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Murmann Publishers launches new book collection on Science Open

Murmann Publishers launches new book collection on Science Open

Our network continues to expand with books and book content from a diverse range of publishers, addressing various topics and engaging constantly new readership that can fully interact with the content in the context of ScienceOpen’s 9 million book publications.

We are pleased to announce Murmann Publishers as the most recent addition to our list of prestigious book publishers on ScienceOpen, where open access titles by them will now be promoted in a unique ScienceOpen book collection.

Murmann Verlag is one of the leading non-fiction publishers for decision-makers, doers and thought leaders.

Join us as we navigate this brand-new collection.

State-of-the-art book hosting

Murmann Publishers is based in Hamburg and has been publishing high-quality books since 2004 with a focus on digital and sustainable transformation, that offer visions and tools for a better future. The book collection on ScienceOpen will focus on the transformative potential of the economy on tackling the great challenges of our time, such as the climate crisis or the digital transformation of both society and economy.

We are glad that we have teamed up with ScienceOpen to spread ideas and solutions that make the world a better place.

Lukas Schmitt, General Manager Publishing

ScienceOpen will facilitate the promotion of Murmann’s book content for new wider audiences and allow users and scholars to easily interact and explore books by Murmann Publishers through ScienceOpen’s extensive multidimensional discovery tools. Murmann Publishers’ authors tackle ideas that help understand how digital enterprise works and explain how innovations succeed.

Explore the collection through some of the editor picks below and let us know which ones are your favorite!

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