ScienceOpen implements Scite smart citation badges on 75+ million article records

ScienceOpen implements Scite smart citation badges on 75+ million article records

ScienceOpen and announce a new cooperation to provide greater context around citation information for the academic community. The citation index at the core of ScienceOpen’s discovery environment has been augmented with Scite badges indicating whether those citations are supporting, contrasting, or just mentions.

ScienceOpen, founded in 2013, is a freely accessible research and publishing network that offers search and discovery in over 88 million records of articles, books, chapters, and conference proceedings. From citation networks, open peer review, alternative metrics, and more, ScienceOpen has been committed to creating and exposing the context of academic research since its inception.

The award-winning platform Scite allows researchers to drill down into citation data to evaluate scientific articles. Scite has been developed by analyzing over 35 million full-text scientific articles and currently has a database of more than 1.3 billion classified citation statements.

A researcher on ScienceOpen can sort their search results by citation number. We are particularly excited about this new cooperation with because it will provide more detailed information about those citations for quick insights into the impact of certain research results within a particular field.

Stephanie Dawson, ScienceOpen CEO
Scite badges enrich our article landing page further and increase discoverability of all articles featured on ScienceOpen.

We’re excited to be working with ScienceOpen to bring more nuance, context, and deeper relationships to citations. Citations are more than just a simple count or number, they are a rich source of information that can help researchers better understand and evaluate articles.

Josh Nicholson, co-founder and CEO of scite

To further increase the discoverability of content hosted and published on the ScienceOpen platform, an indexing agreement has been signed with to share full text content with as part of this collaboration. This collaboration will help ScienceOpen customers to increase the digital reach of their publishing programs.

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