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Welcoming new books from AEUP members on ScienceOpen

Welcoming new books from AEUP members on ScienceOpen

One of the most exciting additions to our network in recent months has been the Association of University Presses’ (AEUP) collection, which includes book and book chapter titles from universities across Europe including a multilingual support that ScienceOpen implemented to answer and quickly adapt to publishers’ needs.

ScienceOpen is offering AEUP a catalog service based on DOIs, which is fully supported by a wide range of discovery and promotional services and tools that highlight content from AEUP members on our network and beyond. This project supports AEUP’s knowledge distribution mission by providing cutting-edge indexing and metadata services and facilitating communication between AEUP members and scholarly circles in Europe and beyond.

The Association of European University Presses has 46 members from 18 countries.

Our automation technology and metadata management services make it easy to import new content from AEUP members directly into BookMetaHub via a simple DOI-based query for metadata registered with Crossref, DataCite, or Zenodo. If DOIs are not available, ONIX files can be uploaded alternatively, and missing data such as persistent IDs added via an intuitive user interface (different formats can also be merged given the respective relational data is available).

Book and optional chapter records can subsequently be enhanced for rich and persistent sets of metadata. All available DOI-based data (or optionally via the BMH enriched data) is then represented and showcased in its own AEUP collection and the larger context of our network’s 87 million publications.

Sharing knowledge on a European level

Over the summer, we have seen how the collection has grown, with interaction and interest in older and newer titles constantly on the rise, and over 3000 new books and book chapters added.

Let’s welcome the new members on this blog!

Central European University Press

Éditions Quae

FAU University Press

Helsinki University Press

Masaryk University Press

Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften

ScienceOpen’s implementation for the AEUP will be highlighted at the Open Science Fair, which is happening in Madrid from September 25th to 27th. We are looking forward to sharing with all the attendants of the Fair our innovation and inspiration for Open Science!

Riga Technical University

Staats- und Universitatsbibliothek Hamburg Carl von Ossietzky

Universitaet Innsbruck – Innsbruck University Press

Vilnius University Press

Yerevan State University

These new exciting publishers join the AEUP collection of over 13.000 titles, where researchers can also access interesting multilingual scholarship from Amsterdam University Press, Leiden University Press, Leuven University Press, UCL Press, Universitatsverlag Göttingen, University of Westminster Press and many more to come!

Don’t forget to follow the new collection and recommend your favorite titles to your fellow peers and scholars.

Meet us at the Open Access Tage in Berlin from September 27th to 29th. We will be demoing interesting BookMetaHub features that are relevant for all members of the AEUP and book publishers interested in our metadata management solutions. Check out the program and join us at Open-Access-Tage!

Digital innovation for University Presses

ScienceOpen has the right offer for you, and it can easily tailor all of its services to your publishing needs. We publish works and provide services that benefit a wide range of scholarly networks, including researchers, teachers, students, librarians, and the rest of the university community.

Contact Stephanie Dawson or Stuart Cooper for more information, a live demo or a quote for your project.

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