Welcoming new journals and publications by Emirates Scholar

Welcoming new journals and publications by Emirates Scholar

Emirates Scholar Research Center super collection keeps expanding with important journals and publications covering disciplines from digital arts and media to engineering and medical sciences. A new journal has recently been published by Emirates Scholar on ScienceOpen, enhancing the impact and availability of important scholarship addressing some of the most recent scientific developments in the UAE and the Gulf Region.

ScienceOpen facilitates easy discoverability for all the publications, promoting scientific debates and heping Emirates Scholar in their mission of supporting science benefiting the whole world.

We’re excited about the journey ahead. Our goal is to provide a platform for groundbreaking research and passionate scholars, fostering a community of innovation. With the dedication of our team and contributions from researchers worldwide, we aim to raise the bar for academic excellence and drive progress in our field. We can’t wait to see the transformative insights and discoveries that will shape the future of knowledge within these pages.

Dr. Fawaz Habbal, Editor in Chief

Let’s welcome the new journal together with some new publications, and make sure to follow them for high-quality prestigious content which will be added soon!

Exploring the journal of Future Medicine and Sciences

Emirati Journal of Future Medicine and Sciences is a peer-reviewed and open access journal that publishes high quality research in medicine and biology based on novelty, timeliness and significance to human health and diseases. It discusses the most recent developments in biological research and healthcare provision, which will be used to meet unmet medical requirements and alter upcoming medical remedies.

The journal will feature new medical procedures for human diseases that have the potential to be applied clinically, such as technologies for screening, diagnosing, preventing, and treating diseases.

EJFMS is a multidisciplinary journal covering topics of interest, including bioinformatics, medical artificial intelligence (AI), stem cell and regenerative medicine, gene editing and therapy. Follow the journal collection to learn more about submission guidelines and all the topics which can be featured in the upcoming issues of the journal.

Exploring new publications by Emirates Scholar’ journals

Together with EJFMS, the Emirates Scholar collection and all the featured journals have increased their number of publications, adding new perspectives to ScienceOpen’s content by publishing insightful open-access research in the fields of economics, policing and security studies, social studies, business, automation, and digital transformation.

The International Journal of Applied Technology in Medical Sciences (IJATMS) provides a platform for scientists, researchers, professionals, practitioners, and students interested in key areas of medical technology and science, including anatomy, biophysics, immunology, physiology, pathology, cardiology, neurology, and nutrition.

The Emirati Journal of Business, Economics and Social Studies promotes knowledge in all areas of social science research through English-language publications that discuss the most recent research findings or current research.

Emirati Journal of Policing and Security Studies is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research studies, conceptual articles, theoretical overviews or reviews, and articles on good practice or practice evaluation to reflect the constantly changing landscape of security studies and the environment in which police personnel around the world operate.

The International Journal of Automation & Digital Transformation is a journal that investigates the multifaceted and multi-disciplinary challenges and opportunities that digital transformation presents to organizations, examining the relationship between strategic management and digital transformation, an area for critical debate.

The Emirati Journal of Digital Arts AND Media gives authors and scholars in this field the opportunity to reach a wider audience, spark a discussion on the future Arts and Media in the Digital Age and generate an international and interdisciplinary network of scholars and practitioners.

Check their requirements for publishers and benefit from the journal’s audience by publishing on the Emirati Journal of Digital Arts and Media. Follow the collection for new exciting updates coming soon!

Join Emirates Scholars and other prestigious publishers on ScienceOpen!

Emirates Scholar is contributing to shaping the future of science and it enriches our list of publishers by representing scholarly perspectives from and about the Gulf region. We are glad to see our collaboration reaching one milestone after the other and hope this serves as an inspiration for your future cooperation with ScienceOpen.

No matter how big or small of a publisher you are, ScienceOpen has the right offer for you and the digital showcase and promotion of your content. Get in touch with us today and learn more about the potential of ScienceOpen.

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