Welcoming the Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine and Wits University Press on ScienceOpen

Welcoming the Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine and Wits University Press on ScienceOpen

ScienceOpen takes pride in the diversity of its scholarly offer, featuring publishers from all parts of the world in its discovery network which is soon nearing 90 million publications. With publishers from all the continents, users of ScienceOpen can fully benefit from a variety of academic perspectives and scholarly viewpoints, exploring recent discoveries and innovations and getting the most of all our discovery services and publishing solutions embedded in one single network.

Today we are happy to welcome an exciting university press from South Africa in our network, which adds quality scholarly content in the disciplines related to clinical medicine.

Join us in welcoming the Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine, published by Wits University Press, on ScienceOpen.

Open Access innovations in medical sciences

The scholarly excellence published by Wits University Press, the oldest university press in South Africa, will be represented on our network through the Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine collection, which features open access research from the School of Clinical Medicine at the Faculty of Health Sciences in the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg and from the Clinical Medicine Departments in other institutions in South Africa and internationally. The journal’s objective is to be the primary diffusion portal for Clinical Medical scientists from Southern Africa, using standards that accredit the process of scientific publication.

ScienceOpen will support the Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine with its cutting-edge open access hosting infrastructure, fully equipped with dissemination tools and integrations that facilitate an easy and creative publishing and discovery experience online.

Scholars on ScienceOpen can easily search and filter the journal’s content, recommending their favorite publications, reviewing, or inviting reviewers, and easily exporting citations in a variety of formats.

Start your exploration of the Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine’s publications with the editor’s picks highlighted below:

All the publications from the Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine will be presented in a featured collection which will soon be enriched with new content representing the latest discoveries and innovations in the field.

Are you interested in submitting your work to the journal? Explore the collection details page and learn more about the author guidelines and publishing policies.

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