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Exploring the SDGs on ScienceOpen: #2 Zero Hunger

Exploring the SDGs on ScienceOpen: #2 Zero Hunger

In 2020, between 720 million and 811 million people worldwide were suffering from hunger, roughly 161 million more than in 2019. Also in 2020, a staggering 2.4 billion people, or above 30 percent of the world’s population, were moderately or severely food-insecure, lacking regular access to adequate food.

The challenges towards achieving zero hunger globally are many, and the Sustainable Development Goal 2 is aiming to achieve this goal by 2030 with support from different actors around the world.

We at ScienceOpen want to do our part, so in this blog post, part of the #ExploreSDGs campaign, we will highlight all of the important developments, research, and innovations in scholarly publishing that are assisting in the acceleration of SDG 02: Zero Hunger.

Accelerating progress under SDG2

ScienceOpen’s network of over 88 million publications provides context and content on all aspects of SDG2. The Goal aims to end hunger by ensuring food security, access to safe and nutritious foods, eradicating all forms of malnutrition, doubling agricultural productivity globally, and ensuring sustainable and resilient food production practices.

Many of the targets mentioned above are addressed in the various books and book chapters published by Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing, which scholars can access on ScienceOpen.

The collection features over 300 titles, aiming to bridge the knowledge gap between science and its application, enabling and empowering scholars to make a positive impact on sustainable agriculture, climate change and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

For topics related to the SDG2, we invite you to have a look at the following book and book chapter titles:

The Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research is a peer reviewed open access scientific journal published by Teagasc (Agriculture and Food Development Authority, Ireland), featuring articles on any aspect of research of direct relevance to agriculture and food production, including plant and animal sciences, food science, agri-environmental science, soils, engineering, buildings, economics, and sociology.

Its publications on food science and technology, agriculture, and resource management are of high relevance to the topics and targets covered by SDG2: Zero Hunger.

Explore just a few titles of relevance and the full collection for more similar content:

Emerald Publishing features hand-picked, curated collections on four themes aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals on ScienceOpen. Aiming to promote and support leadership that promotes decent work and sustainability, the Emerald: Responsible Management provides scholars on our  network with quality research linking to various SDGs, among which SDG2.

Explore SDG2 research by Emeral Publishing:

EDP Sciences is a member of the SDG Publishers Compact and benefits from ScienceOpen’s infrastructure for highlighting all the impactful and important scholarship published by EDP Sciences that supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The EDP Sciences SDG Collection features interdisciplinary research from seven EDP Sciences journals, as well as proceedings from BIO Web of Conferences, the E3S Web of Conferences series, and a large number of open access books, all of which support Agenda 2030 goals.

In this collection, there is plenty of research published which covers various SDG2 targets and topics, like in the case of the titles highlighted below:

For all the authors interested in publishing their SDG research with EDP Sciences, we invite you to learn more about their publishing program by clicking here.

Peter Lang Group has over 50 years of expertise in publishing high quality, peer-reviewed scholarly books in the humanities and social sciences. Core subject areas of Peter Lang Group include the Arts, Cultural Studies, Economics & Law, Education, Media, Communication, History & politics, etc., and many of the books reach out across disciplines, covering issues of hunger and food security, like in the titles provided below:

SGD2 collections on ScienceOpen

As part of its Global Challenges program, UCL Press has collections dedicated to each SDG on ScienceOpen, featuring UCL published research supporting the goals. The SDG2 collection features thousands of articles, books, book chapter titles, and conference proceedings and aims to accelerate progress towards the full achievement of the goal of zero hunger by 2030.

A collection spanning various disciplines and publishers, below you can take a glimpse at the scholarship offered by UCL Press on SDG2 topics:

ScienceOpen too, remains committed to advancing progress in all the Sustainable Development Goals and has created collections addressing every SDG on its network. The SDG2 collection showcases a curated selection of publications featured in our network that cover all issues related to SDG2 and all the targets of the goal.

Explore the SDG2 research collection on ScienceOpen, and don’t forget to follow and stay up-to-date with new publications from all publishers in our network addressing topics under Sustainable Development Goal no.2.

Supporting discussion on SDG2 topics

Not only books and journal articles, but our network offers access to over 2.5 million preprints covering a wide range of issues and disciplines, many of which are also related to SDG #2 with topics such as food security, agricultural and aquaculture innovations, climate change responses, and so on.

On preprint collections, scholars can openly share research results with the scientific community at an early stage in their research and speed up the research process by taking advantage of our scholarly networks and tools supporting reviewing and publishing.  

Explore the preprints in the AfricArxiv collection and contribute to the exchange of information and discussion on SDG2-related topics:

Have you heard of our Open Peer Review Competition? Submit an Open Peer Review on ScienceOpen until September 29th and get a chance to be one of our three lucky winners. Learn more about the competition by clicking here.

SDG2 is also represented in many preprints currently published on the ScienceOpen Preprint Server and waiting for peer review. Have a look at:

Join the challenge!

Are you an author or publisher on ScienceOpen that publishes scholarly work covering disciplines related to the Sustainable Development Goals? Get your research featured in our SDG-collections and enhance your work in the wider context of SDGs on ScienceOpen.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our publishing offer and how we can enhance the impact of your research on our network and beyond.

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