Introducing Drug Repurposing Central

Introducing Drug Repurposing Central

Now open for submissions!

REPO4EU and ScienceOpen are excited to introduce Drug Repurposing Central, the go-to publishing portal for researchers in drug repurposing, network medicine, precision healthcare, and more. Here, researchers can find the latest research from the field and publish their work in a range of channels. Preprints, journal articles, conference abstracts, reports and books are open for sharing and discussion in a unique open review environment powered by ScienceOpen’s discovery infrastructure and digital innovation.

Created by REPO4EU, a Horizon Europe project aimed at establishing a European Platform for Drug Repurposing with global reach, the open science portal offers the drug repurposing community a wide range of options, all free of charge to read and publish. Drug Repurposing Central aims to go beyond Open Access publishing with an Open Science approach that maximizes the interoperability of research outputs in a digital context, through the consistent use of persistent identifiers and XML standards.

This Open Science publishing and research portal combines early and open access to research results as preprints, open peer review, open access publishing, alternative metrics, and an interactive bibliography of relevant research around drug repurposing.

Open for research

Coming soon: RExPO23!

There is still time to register and submit your abstract for a poster or talk to the upcoming RExPO conference in Stockholm, Sweden on October 25-26, 2023. Explore the abstracts for the upcoming conference and those from the successful RExPO22, in a unique RExPO collection on Drug Repurposing Central.

This technology is available for other conferences in the field, so stay tuned.

Submit your abstract or poster here!

Open Science at work: DrugRxiv

A new preprint repository for the drug repurposing community offers a space to share early results openly. A preprint is a preliminary version of a scientific manuscript shared by an author through posting to an online, public server prior to formal peer review. Preprints have increasingly become an essential part of Open Science approaches because they combine early and open sharing of research results with open access and open peer review. You can learn more about preprints from the ASAPBio preprint Frequently Asked Questions.

The unique DrugRxiv preprint submission system includes an automated check for scientific rigor by SciScore and similarity check by Crossref powered by iThenticate, in line with the Open Science Strategy of REPO4EU.  

Submit a preprint for open feedback from the drug repurposing community!

Diamond Open Access: Drug Repurposing

The Drug Repurposing Journal seeks to provide an interdisciplinary and cross-sectional overview of the various fields of research and applied sciences that collaborate to bring successful drug repurposing projects to realization. Through high-quality publications, including original research articles, review articles, rapid communications and reports, the journal addresses strategic and ethical issues that are relevant in the broader context of drug repurposing.

Drug Repurposing Journal is now accepting submissions from a wide range of research fields, with a focus on contributions that emphasize the specific integrative aspects of drug repurposing.

Manuscripts can be submitted directly  through the ‘Submit a Manuscript’ button on the journal page on ScienceOpen, and guidelines for authors are now available on the collection description page. Check the requirements and don’t forget to follow the journal collection for upcoming articles and manuscripts promoting innovation in drug repurposing.

Diamond Open Access: Network Medicine

Network Medicine is the leading open-access, peer-reviewed journal on interdisciplinary approaches to big data and medicine using network science and systems thinking.

Network Medicine publishes high-quality basic science, translational, and clinical research as original research articles, comprehensive reviews, mini-reviews, rapid communications, brief reports, technology reports, hypothesis articles, perspectives, and letters to the editor, advancing mechanism-based disease definitions for precise diagnostics and treatments.

The journal ensures a rapid peer review process with articles aiming to be published online within 4-5 weeks after acceptance. Network Medicine is fully NIH, HHMI, and Wellcome Trust compliant, and welcomes contributions from researchers, scientists, and policymakers in all fields related to network medicine, including cell biologists and biotechnology researchers, network scientists, bioinformaticians, and computational biologists, clinicians, doctors, and other healthcare professionals.

Submit your article now!

Drug Repurposing Central is now live and accepting submissions of preprints and articles on drug repurposing, as well as abstracts for the upcoming RExPO Conference.

In just a few simple steps, you can highlight your research in the publishing central and take part in the discussions revolutionizing the way we approach drugs.

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