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Research promoting mental health and well-being

Research promoting mental health and well-being

September is an important month for raising awareness about mental health and well-being. Since 2003, September 10th has been designated as World Suicide Prevention Day, and many countries dedicate the weeks following or the entire month of September to suicide prevention and mental well-being.

There are numerous research initiatives, institutions, and publishers that focus primarily on psychology-related topics and devote a significant amount of scholarly work and resources to mental health studies. ScienceOpen is proud to partner with various publishers who have such a focus, and in today’s blog, we want to highlight research and research collections on our network that promote mental health and well-being.

Hogrefe’s excellence in psychology and medicine

Hogrefe Publishers is an excellent name to start this blog with. A long-standing ScienceOpen partner, Hogrefe has collections dedicated to psychology and mental health issues, as well as topical collections dedicated to sustainability and the SDGs.

Hogrefe collections on ScienceOpen offer high-quality articles and books in English and German that cover many fields of psychology and psychiatry and promote a better knowledge of people as psychosocial persons.

On the Hogrefe Super Collection, mental health and well-being as topics are covered by hundreds of articles, focusing on mental health problems, suicide prevention, and well-being in general.

Explore and follow the Hogrefe Super Collection to get access to high-quality research covering the topics above. Below, we present a few titles representing the diversity and scope of the Hogrefe collections on ScienceOpen:

Mental health research in a wider context

Psychology by AKJournals is another important collection that adds quality content to our network of over 88 million publications. This collection, contains articles from six different journals published by AKJournals, representing Hungary’s oldest continuously operating publishing house and one of the largest scientific publishers in Central and Eastern Europe.

Topics of mental health are extensively covered in the Psychology Collection, and scholars can explore here the findings of studies that address mental health by connecting various disciplines and research areas.

Explore the articles below and follow the Psychology by AKJournals collection for more:

JMIR Publications is a multidisciplinary publisher featuring a collection on ScienceOpen that highlights the breadth and quality of digital health research. From wearables, apps, and big data applications to the intersection of technology and health in more traditional disciplines, JMIR publishes across all fields of health with many topics featuring Mental Health too.

In the JMIR Publications collection, we invite you to explore high-quality scholarship covering mental health as well as its numerous calls for papers. Currently, JMIR is looking for contributions on the theme of Generative AI in Mental Health.

Check out this call for papers and explore mental health articles in the JMIR Collection:

Chinese Journal of School Health provides state-of-the-art information from China and around the world for individuals and organizations working to advance the health and well-being of children and adolescents. In the journal collection, the research provides a forum for discussion of the most important issues and policies affecting child and adolescent health and health care, as well as their mental health and well-being.

In the Chinese Journal of School Health collection, topics of mental health are covered in hundreds of articles, like in the publications below:

Mental Health and the SDGs

Emerald features research collections aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, showcased in topical curated collections in our network. Emerald: Healthier Lives promotes the importance of a healthy mind, as well as a healthy body, and aims to help researchers, practitioners, service users, and their families to share their work that influences real change in people’s health and wellbeing.

Discover the Healthier Lives collection and all the scholarship it has to offer:

Mental Health is promoted on the SDG 03 targeting good health and well-being, and on our blog, we have promoted research covering this SDG, as part of the #ExploringSDGs campaign. Check out the blog below and explore more relevant content on health and well-being.

Exploring the SDGs on ScienceOpen:  #3 Good Health and Well-being – ScienceOpen Blog

Books promoting mental health

ScienceOpen’s network features currently over 8.8 million books and more than 2.7 million book chapter records.

Our book collections, especially those focusing on health and social care, feature book titles addressing topics of mental health. Explore below for a glimpse of book titles currently available on ScienceOpen.

Association of European University Presses (AEUP)

Sunway University Press

Peter Lang Books

For more content on mental health and well-being, hit the search button on our home page and tailor the research based on your needs and scholarly profile. A kind reminder to stay on the lookout for preprints addressing mental health topics, and consider taking part in our open peer review competition, which is accepting submissions until September 29th.

Learn more about the competition in our blog and start reviewing today! – Up for a challenge? Join ScienceOpen’s Open Peer Review Competition

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