Welcoming the Environment and Society Collection

Welcoming the Environment and Society Collection

From the Sustainable Development Goals to Climate Change and its impact on the environment, collections on ScienceOpen cover a wide range of disciplines and research areas that are currently highly relevant for our societies and heavily discussed in scholarly circles around the world.

From now on, a new collection joins our network of over 88 million publications, highlighting the research results of an international project that is aiming to rethink the interactions of environments and societies from a multidisciplinary and global perspective.

Environment and Society by the Rachel Carson Center and The White Horse Press

The Environment and Society Collection is a collaborative collection created within the scope of a joint publishing project between the Rachel Carson Center in Germany and the White Horse Press in the United Kingdom.

The collection follows along the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society (RCC) mission of promoting the study of environment and society from a wealth of different disciplines and international perspectives, and it is supported by the publishing experience provided by the White Horse Press, which specializes in the environment and society, particularly environmental history, and environmental ethics.

WHP and the RCC have worked closely together for some years and launching this joint collection cements that alliance and the partners’ mutual support of each other’s complementary publication programmes.

Sarah Johnson, White Horse Press

Researchers can now quickly and easily access thousands of articles on the environment and society from the scholarly work of the Rachel Carson Center or the different journals published by White Horse Press. Scholars may as well benefit from our community curation and dissemination tools by recommending and sharing articles, exporting citations, and filtering the collection titles using our smart search tools and filters.

ScienceOpen will help boost readership for the authors featured in the collection and will support both the Rachel Carson Center and White Horse Press with cutting-edge indexing services and innovative discovery solutions.

From environmental history to wildlife conservation, ethics, and climate change, the collection reaches across disciplines and highlights up-to-date information and discussions relevant to our current common challenges.

We invite you to discover the collection through the titles highlighted by the editors below:

Titles from White Horse Press

Titles from Rachel Carson Center

As always, make sure to follow the collection for exciting new titles coming soon and share on social media with us your favorite publications!

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