Celebrating books on ScienceOpen

Celebrating books on ScienceOpen

In today’s blog post, we would like to highlight our diverse and impressive book content, which has been featured in tens of collections and includes publishers from all over the world.

ScienceOpen offers institutions, independent publishers, university presses, and researchers cutting-edge technology as well as a variety of book publishing solutions and services.

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Let‘s discover our partners one by one

AEUP – Association of European University Presses

Our partnership with AEUP has been one of the most exciting implementations of 2023, which has seen the addition of thousands of books and book chapters to our network.

With 46 AEUP members in 18 European countries, ScienceOpen supports sharing knowledge on a European level by offering a catalog service based on DOIs, which is fully supported by a wide range of discovery and promotional services and tools that highlight content from AEUP members on our network and beyond.

Our automation technology and metadata management services make it easy to import new content from AEUP members directly into BookMetaHub via a simple DOI-based query for metadata registered with Crossref, DataCite, or Zenodo. The Association of University Presses’ (AEUP) collection, features currently book and book chapter titles from universities across Europe and is supported by a multilingual implementation powered by ScienceOpen’s digital infrastructure.

Explore among the 11,352 titles and stay up-to-date with publications representing the latest scholarly developments coming from Europe.

Association of European University Presses (AEUP)

African Minds

African Minds is a non-profit, open-access publisher based in South Africa. They primarily publish books in the social sciences, and their authorship includes many important African academics and thinkers, as well as international academics with a strong connection to the continent.

African Minds aims to make knowledge more accessible by providing a new publishing channel for new authors and emphasizing access, openness, and debate in the pursuit of expanding and deepening the African knowledge base.

Amsterdam University Press

In Europe and beyond, Amsterdam University Press is a leading scholarly publisher of the Humanities and Social Sciences. Amsterdam University Press’ main goal is to make current research available to scholars, students, innovators, and the general public.

AUP is an acronym that stands for scholarly excellence, global presence, and participation in the international academic community.

AUP’s collection on ScienceOpen includes more than 4200 book and book chapter titles, including over a thousand open-access books, ready for you to discover.

Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing

Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing is an acclaimed independent publisher renowned for its expertise in agricultural and food science content. With a unique publishing approach, they bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and its practical application, empowering individuals to drive positive change in sustainable agriculture, climate change, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

ScienceOpen presents the content provided by Burleigh Dodds Science in an interactive manner thanks to its cutting-edge collection infrastructure, which includes plenty of discovery and dissemination services, as well as innovative search shortcuts.

Explore the collection through some of the most recent titles:

Carl Grossman Books

Carl Grossmann Books provides you and your peers with easy access to a variety of books on topics such as law and legal studies, media studies, criminal procedure law, and human and civil rights.

The full open-access collection on ScienceOpen includes a variety of publications, both in English and German, which are available anywhere and at any time. Carl Grossmann Publishers makes their titles available in all electronic formats, including PDF, EPUB, and MOBI for mobile readers, e-book apps, and Amazon Kindle, in addition to print and online. Moreover, they offer authors a transparent calculation/cost scheme to clearly set out the steps and connected costs of the publishing process.

De Gruyter Books in Materials Science     

De Gruyter has been publishing high-quality scholarship for over 270 years. An international, independent publisher headquartered in Berlin, it publishes over 1,600 new book titles each year and more than nine hundred journals in mathematics, engineering, computer sciences, natural sciences, medicine, the humanities, social sciences, and law. 

De Gruyter has a topical collection dedicated to Materials Science on ScienceOpen, with many books available on topics of Energy, Nanotechnology, and other related fields, including graduate-level textbooks, books for STEM career beginners, traditional monographs, and so on.

Edinburgh University Press

Edinburgh University Press’s collection on ScienceOpen spans a range of subject areas, including area studies where EUP’s scholarship takes a global approach, encompassing Asia, MENA and the wider world.

The Islamic Studies collection on ScienceOpen includes hundreds of books and covers disciplines ranging from lingusitics, to humanities and international relations, aiming to shed light on the experiences of minorities and diasporas worldwide.

Leiden University Press

Leiden University Press is a choice for academic quality and worldwide distribution. ScienceOpen is happy to support Leiden University Press in their mission and provide the right digital infrastructure for indexing and promoting their high-quality book scholarship.

LUP’s goal is to support and stimulate scholarship through academic publications. 

The book collection by Leiden University Press focuses on several subject areas, including Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, History, Asian Studies, Environmental Studies, Literary Studies, Language, Media Studies, Security Studies and more.

Longleaf Services and the Sustainable History Monograph Pilot

The Sustainable History Monograph Pilot Collection is the result of ScienceOpen’s collaboration with Longleaf Services to publish open digital editions of high-quality history books from university presses.

There are currently forty open-access history books available in the SHMP collection, published by various University Presses such as Cornell University, the University of Hawaii, Fordham University, University Presses of Colorado, Georgia, Oklahoma, Washington, and many more.

Furthermore, the Sustainable History Monograph Pilot is clearly presented in ScienceOpen’s Collections infrastructure, with branding and collection details explaining the role of Longleaf Services.

Medical Physics Publishing

Medical Physics Publishing is a new addition to our discovery environment, providing books, reference materials, and study guides to the medical physics community. MPP has a substantial backlist of books, reports, and theses in medical physics and related fields.

Medical Physics Publishing adds valuable medical titles to ScienceOpen’s content, which currently includes more than 8.9 million books.

Michigan Publishing

The University of Michigan Press (UMP) is a leading publisher and distributor of books and digital projects in the humanities and social sciences. ScienceOpen has been collaborating with the University of Michigan Press not only on highlighting its titles as part of a featured collection within our discovery environment but also on assisting UMP with metadata enhancement by providing expert technical services.

Michigan Publishing combines the strengths of a highly regarded university press with the innovative, service-oriented approach of a university library renowned as a leader in digital initiatives and technologies.

And the good news is that nearly all of the featured titles on ScienceOpen are open access, which adds value to research while also contributing to a more open and accessible environment for scholars, students, and researchers.

Murmann & Wachholtz

The Murmann and Wachholtz super collection on ScienceOpen represents a joint implementation of two presitgious publishers, highlighting books and book chapters focusing on humanities and sustainable transformation.

Murmann Verlag is one of the leading non-fiction publishers for decision-makers, doers and thought leaders and it has been publishing high-quality books since 2004 with a focus on digital and sustainable transformation.

Wachholtz Verlag is a contemporary academic publisher with a distinguished record of publications in the humanities, particularly history, archeology, literature, philosophy, and geography.

The book collections on ScienceOpen focus on the transformative potential of the economy on tackling the great challenges of our time, such as the climate crisis or the digital transformation of both society and economy.

Peter Lang Books

The Peter Lang Group has been publishing high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarly books in the humanities and social sciences for over 50 years, with approximately 1,400 titles published in multiple languages each year and over 40,000 print and eBook copies available.

ScienceOpen has been working closely with Peter Lang Group to present a glimpse into the publisher’s editorial program and rich content in a featured collection, with titles available in different languages.

From research monographs and journals to student textbooks and Open Access publications, the Peter Lang Collection on ScienceOpen currently includes over 2600 book and book chapter titles, covering fields of education, history, linguistics, and literature.

Radboud University Press

Radboud University Press is a diamond open-access publisher of high-quality academic peer-reviewed books and journals in a wide range of disciplines.

Radboud University Press’s primary goal is to meet the highest academic standards in publishing and to provide free open-access publications to both authors and readers.

Radboud University Press’ collection on ScienceOpen includes many book titles as well as publications from four of its journals in English, Dutch, and French, enriching not only the platform’s multilingual content but also the fields of literature, language, and religious studies.

ScienceOpen assists Radboud University Press by indexing its content on our platform and enhancing the discoverability and distribution of its titles in the digital publishing landscape.

University of Maribor Press

University of Maribor Press operates on a modern basis and meets the demands of today’s rapidly changing scientific communication. It publishes scientific books, expert books, textbooks, and other monographs in the fields of science, technology, art, humanities, and social sciences, both in print and online.

It is also another distinguished publisher on ScienceOpen that, through open access publishing, allows the academic community to explore new avenues of scientific communication.

UUM Press

UUM Press, founded in 1988 as a department of Universiti Utara Malaysia, is a dedicated and dynamic scholarly publishing house that has published over 600 books, the majority of which are also available on ScienceOpen.

UUM Press publishes interdisciplinary and research-based titles in business management, accounting, information technology, education, communication, and the social sciences and humanities. Discover the diversity of their titles in the collection dedicated to the books published by UUM Press.

UWP Books

University of Westminster Press is another distinguished publisher, which has a diverse offering of open access interdisciplinary book titles in media and communication studies, law and the senses, social theory, politics and history, internet studies, education, and philosophy.

The University of Westminster Press provides its authors a high-quality open access publication route for journals, edited books, policy briefs, and single-author monographs and, where possible with accompanying data. Our aim with our academic publishing is to achieve the widest and most cost-effective possible dissemination of research via a transparent multi-format medium. 

Can you read them all?

While we are continuously improving our services and including new solutions for book publishers, we invite you to discover the wide range of book collections and the available titles on ScienceOpen.

Over 8 million books might be difficult to read, but they can help you as a researcher not only to broaden your knowledge but also to share with other peers and colleagues the advantages of having all the titles that might come in handy in one place.

Discover today our book collections and join us on social media by promoting your favorite titles!

And if you are a publisher interested in our services, do not forget to get in touch!

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