Exploring Microbiology content on ScienceOpen

Exploring Microbiology content on ScienceOpen

Our network keeps getting bigger, and soon we will be reaching the 90 million publications milestone. ScienceOpen works with a diverse community of publishers and is a great and useful resource for research in many subjects, including microbiology.

Today, we want to highlight our content in Microbiology and other similar fields of interest which get presented on ScienceOpen through an interactive and innovative discovery infrastructure.

Research from six unique journals in the Microbiology Society collection

Microbiology Society is one of the largest microbiology societies in Europe with a worldwide membership based in universities, industry, hospitals, research institutes and schools. With members that have a unique depth and breadth of knowledge about the discipline of microbiology, this collection is currently offering original research papers, essential review articles and commentary on topical issues.

With content from six peer reviewed society journals, the Microbiology Society super collection contains up-to-date research and innovation that targets microbiology scholars and experts. Explore the two main collections by Microbiology Society on ScienceOpen and some of the most recent additions in them.

Access Microbiology

Microbial Genomics

Follow the collection to stay up to date with new and exciting research that is added on a regular basis.

Interdisciplinary research by AKJournals

For more interdisciplinary research on microbiology, the AKJournals Life Sciences collection is a great resource, featuring articles from various journals, including the European Journal of Microbiology and Immunology. This journal focuses on medical microbiology, among other health and life sciences-related disciplines, and reports new discoveries in the fields of medical microbiology and immunology of infection.

Major focus is given to infections caused by pathogenic bacteria and parasites; molecular mechanisms of pathogenicity; host-pathogen interaction; innate and adaptive immunity to infection; and antimicrobial chemotherapy.

Papers submitted are subject to single-blind peer review performed by independent reviewers, and the journal collection currently includes 324 articles on ScienceOpen.

Explore the collection through some of the most recent publications:

New content on Decoding Infection and Transmission Journal

Decoding Infection and Transmission is a gold open access, peer-reviewed journal that has recently joined ScienceOpen. The journal is dedicated to the rapid publication and global dissemination of the latest research findings about the characteristics and mechanisms of pathogenic infections and disease transmission.

Various analyses and uses of data resources relating to infectious diseases are published in the journal, including epidemiological data, omics data, and biological functional data.

Have a look at the new journal collection on our network and explore its scholarship while fully benefiting from our community curation and dissemination tools.

Innovations in drug repurposing and many other collections

The Drug Repurposing Research Collection features up-to-date and important research from a wide range of fields and disciplines related to drug repurposing. The collection can be an interesting source for scholars specializing in microbiology who would like to expand their expertise in drug repurposing and join the European-wide movement facilitated by REPO4EU.

In the central, scholars can publish their work in a range of channels and forms, including preprints, journal articles, conference abstracts, reports and books in various collections featured in the Drug Repurposing Central.

The Drug Repurposing Central, features thousands of articles, and below we will highlight just a few related to microbiology. Explore the collection, and don’t forget to follow, share and recommend!

Zoonoses is a platinum open-access journal for research scientists, physicians, veterinarians, and public health professionals working on diverse disciplines of zoonotic diseases. Zoonoses provides an open platform for rapid publication of the latest findings, approaches, and viewpoints related to medical sciences, veterinary sciences, and public health, and it features a long list of publications that explore research about bacteria, fungi, and related diseases.

Explore the topic of microbiology through some of the titles highlighted below, and follow Zoonoses for more:

Curating a collection on ScienceOpen

ScienceOpen Collections provide community space for the curation, distribution, and evaluation of scholarly information.

Collections are a great way of promoting own research and putting it in context of other publications, as they feature thematic groups of preprints and peer-reviewed research papers drawn from a variety of publishers and journals available on our network.

To build your own microbiology collection on ScienceOpen, apply for collection editor status below. HTML Email with subject

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You can find further guidelines in the Guide for Authors & Editors.

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