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Research from Africa on ScienceOpen

Research from Africa on ScienceOpen

ScienceOpen is a freely accessible search and discovery platform that puts research in context. We believe that free access to knowledge drives creativity, innovation, and development, and we support publishers and scholars from all over the world, enhancing their discoverability and increasing their impact in the open.

Our publishing partners represent different regions of the world, and today we want to highlight the research from Africa, which enriches our discovery environment of over 90 million articles, books, and book chapter records.

Want to learn more about our technological infrastructure and how we are using persistent identifiers to provide services for African researchers and publishers? Tune in today at 1 p.m. CAT for the webinar on the discoverability of African research. Learn more here.

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African research and preprints by AfricArxiv

AfricArXiv is the African decentralized Open Access Portal, and it publishes on ScienceOpen regional and theme-specific collections curated by the AfricArXiv team, as well as preprints facilitating a community-led digital archive for African research results.

AfricArxiv is dedicated to open up research and collaboration among African scientists, to increase the visibility of African research output and to foster interdisciplinary collaboration globally.

The following collections feature various scholarly perspectives and present important results originating from Africa that get promoted further by ScienceOpen’s infrastructure among its 90 million publlications and beyond our network. Explore the collections yourself and learn more about our collaboration with AfricArxiv in today’s webinar.

AfricArxiv Collections on ScienceOpen

Highlighted publications by AfricArxiv

Books on Education by African Minds

African Minds focuses on fostering access, openness and debate in the pursuit of growing and deepening the African knowledge base. African Minds publishes predominantly in the social sciences, and its authors are typically African academics or those with a close affinity for the continent.

ScienceOpen supports African Minds in offering innovative approaches to those who need more support than traditional publishers generally offer, with the extensive technical and promotional services provided by our infrastructure: Crossref DOIs, ORCID integration, a manuscript submission channel, interactive discovery environment, etc.

Take a glimpse of the content published by African Minds:

Empirical Research by AJERNET

The African Journal of Empirical Research (AJERNET) aims to facilitate collaboration among scientists across the African continent and beyond. Established in Africa, AJERNET strives to facilitate the sharing and publication of research that represents the ever-changing needs of academics from a variety of disciplines. All content is made available to the public for free thanks to its open access policy.

AJERNET is an open-access journal, which aims to facilitate the easy exchange of ideas, research reviews, and expertise among academics.

Before being published at a reduced cost, all manuscripts go through a thorough peer review process by highly skilled and experienced scholars.

Highlighted Titles from AJERNET’s collection:

Highlighting research from Sudan

AJET is an open-access, peer-reviewed, and multidisciplinary journal that aims to serve as a platform for researchers, professionals, and policymakers from a variety of backgrounds to discuss and disseminate applied research in engineering and technology that addresses Africa’s sustainable development. AJET is addressing Africa’s development through sustainable engineering and technology, and it is published by the Sudanese Researchers Foundation (SRF), a Sudanese NGO focusing on advancing scientific research in Sudan and increasing the capacity of Sudanese researchers.

Due to ongoing political conflict in Sudan, the journal has halted its publication program but remains committed to providing an open channel for Sudanese research and scholarly outputs despite all the difficulties. ScienceOpen has also launched a collection highlighting Sudanese research, standing in full solidarity with SRF and our partners in Sudan.

Research from Sudan – ScienceOpen

Promoting health research through PAMJ

PAMJ is one of the largest open access publishers in Africa working to help disseminate research through its journals (PAMJ, PAMJ Clinical Medicine, PAMJ One-Health). PAMJ aims to increase availability of African research for a better understanding of Africa’s specificities, and generally improve the health outcomes of people living in Africa. 

ScienceOpen has been working with PAMJ to index and promote its content in the Pan African Medical Journal Collection, making PAMJ content stand out among the 90+ million records on the platform. 

Explore some of the most recent discoveries and follow the collection for more:

We encourage researchers to engage with PAMJ content by sharing their expertise through post-publication peer review, promoting topical articles, and connecting to other researchers through ScienceOpen’s network.

Multidisciplinary research by ROAPE Journal

Established by a group of scholars and activists in the UK and Africa, the Review of African Political Economy (ROAPE) journal is committed to understanding projects of radical transformation as well as patterns and processes of accumulation on various levels.

All the analysis, original content, and research promoting and supporting African voices is accessible freely on ScienceOpen, in a dedicated collection that adds multidisciplinary viewpoints and quality publications to our wide networks of publishers and collections from and about Africa.

Since 1974, the Review of African Political Economy has provided radical analysis of Africa’s trends, issues, and social processes, with a broadly materialist interpretation of change.

Highlighted articles by ROAPE Journal:

ROAPE’s publishing efforts have aided in the establishment of an important platform for the continuation of struggles for racial, gender, and economic equality in Africa and ScienceOpen is happy to facilitate the wide dissemination of ROAPE’s mission, bringing more scholars and researchers in contact with this important network.

Enhancing discoverability and impact of research by UNISA Press

The University of South Africa (UNISA) serves a huge student population of nearly 400,000 and Unisa Press is a part of the UNISA’s Research, Postgraduate Studies, Innovation, and Commercialization Portfolio. Unisa Press is the largest university press in Africa, publishing both books and journals, and thanks to our partnership with Unisa Press, scholars at UNISA benefit from ScienceOpen’s enhanced discovery and promotion tools embedded in the Unisa Press collections.

UnisaRxiv is the preprint server of Unisa Press, and it provides a forum to facilitate open peer-review of preprint manuscripts and allows for rapid dissemination of the latest findings in diverse topics. 

Researchers at all career stages, including early-career researchers, professionals, and senior scholars, are invited to submit high-quality research manuscripts directly from the ScienceOpen manuscript submission system.

Explore UnisaRxiv through some of the most recent preprints and start reviewing today!

The latest nanotechnology developments in Africa by Nano-Horizons

Nano-Horizons is a diamond open access journal that extends our collaboration with Unisa Press and enhances our network with intersectional research in disciplines related to nanoscience and nanotechnology.

With its publications, Nano-Horizons stands at the intersection of physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, materials science, computation, and modeling, providing a multidisciplinary and innovative approach to nanoscience research.

Nano-Horizons aims to allow access to knowledge where it was not available before, especially in the global south, in line with its aim of being an African journal of excellence in the multidisciplinary field of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Highlighted articles by Nano-Horizons:

Critical Diversity in Africa

The International Journal of Critical Diversity Studies is a bi-annual, peer-reviewed journal published by Pluto Journals and administered by the Wits Centre for Diversity Studies. The journal aims to provide an undisciplinary platform for critical engagement with hierarchies of power that create and sustain privilege and oppression along axes of difference.

The Journal is published twice a year and it is designed to produce cutting-edge knowledge which contributes towards the deepening of local and international; theoretical and practical understandings of diversity.

Explore research by IJCDS:

The Wits University Press Collections

The scholarly excellence published by Wits University Press, the oldest university press in South Africa is represented on our network through the Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine collection, highlighting African excellence in Academia across disciplines.

The Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine collection, which features open access research from the School of Clinical Medicine at the Faculty of Health Sciences in the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg and from the Clinical Medicine Departments in other institutions in South Africa and internationally. 

The journal’s objective is to be the primary diffusion portal for Clinical Medical scientists from Southern Africa, using standards that accredit the process of scientific publication.

ScienceOpen supports the Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine with its cutting-edge open access hosting infrastructure, fully equipped with dissemination tools and integrations that facilitate an easy and creative publishing and discovery experience online.

Explore the Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine collection and check out our discovery and collection infrastructure by interacting with the journal’s content:

Other collections for and about Africa

Within a discovery environment of over 90 million articles, books, and chapter records, ScienceOpen offers services for publishers to highlight their multilingual academic content and promote the journal and publisher brands with unique collections, banner marketing, and search shortcuts.

Our collaboration with publishers focusing on content from and about African publishers extends further to:

Thousands of researchers use the ScienceOpen discovery environment to search for relevant articles and books every day. Users can recommend, share, and review any articles they find helpful. What better place for your journal to call home? 

Join our network!

ScienceOpen and its discovery environment are here to help you through the various stages of the process by making workflow management easier with a user-friendly interface, cutting-edge discovery tools, and innovative features that aid in the dissemination and communication of research outputs. 

Learn more about our offer and get to know our services in today’s webinar and don’t forget to reach out if you have any questions or want to discuss how ScienceOpen can help with the dissemination and promotion of your content in the digital world.

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