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ScienceOpen’s #WorkInPublishing

ScienceOpen’s #WorkInPublishing

The publishing industry is all about spreading knowledge and information. Publishers and publishing experts play an important role in the process of developing an accessible and engaging publishing industry that benefits people and communities, crosses cultural and linguistic boundaries, and fosters creativity and diversity of opinions.

From research scientists to children’s book illustrators, from celebrity chefs to Nobel Laureates, publishing is about communicating ideas and connecting people with content that matters. Publishers are at the heart of the information economy, getting those ideas out to the world and the people that need them.

Publishers Association 

During #WorkInPublishing Week, we want to highlight developments and products of our platform, which is supported by specialists with distinguished academic careers and publishers from all over the world who have trusted ScienceOpen with their #WorkInPublishing.

Who we are?

Our core staff and the editors, together with publishers of journals and books from all over the world, university presses, libraries and digital publishing innovators make ScienceOpen the go-to platform for research discovery and dissemination.

ScienceOpen’s team consists of specialists in digital publishing with an extensive career in publishing functions. Our founders Alexander Grossmann and Tibor Tscheke represent the technical and academical expertise that stands at the backbone of our solutions, with an immense contribution in various industries, including academia and management. Alexander has been a Professor of Publishing Management since 2013, after having spent five years at Springer and De Gruyter as Managing Director and Vice President of Publishing, respectively, while Tibor is an experienced international manager and pioneer in SGML, XML and Content Life-cycle Management.

ScienceOpen’s CEO Stephanie Dawson has worked in different positions in academia and scholarly publishing. She has a PhD in German Literature from the University of Washington and from 2001 to 2012 she worked in various positions at the academic Publisher De Gruyter in Berlin in the fields of biology and chemistry in both journals and book publishing.

Stuart Cooper, our Global Business Development Director, has over 30 years of experience in the Scholarly Publishing Industry as a Senior Sales, Marketing and Business Development expert. Nina Tscheke, our Content Integration Manager and Metadata Expert is specialized in literature and cultural studies and and joined ScienceOpen after she left Academia.

ScienceOpen’s Journal Editorial Assistant Nur Atmaca is a PhD candidate at Humboldt University of Berlin, Department of Transregional Southeast Asian Studies and has worked before as an assistant managing editor at Eurasia Business and Economic Society in Istanbul, Turkey and for Wiley’s Istanbul office, while our Communications Manager Kevin Jasini has experience as Content Editor in various non-profit settings, with previous engagements as a journalist and social impact manager.

ScienceOpen has an Editorial and Advisory Board, which supports the staff with the editorial side of our work and keeps an active network of collaborators and partners all over the world, with previous staff and supporters carrying out important work in academia and publishing.

You can learn more about the ScienceOpen Team on our About Page.

What do we offer?

ScienceOpen provides cutting-edge technology as well as a variety of publishing solutions and services to institutions, independent publishers, university presses, and researchers.

Publishers of all sizes, service providers, and scholars benefit from ScienceOpen’s networking platform and share their inspiration and insights on debates and topics spanning various disciplines. Our platform helps publishers to expand and gain access to new audiences and increase their reach and impact of their work.

Discovery Solutions

As a Publisher, you need to maximize the presence of your digital journal and book content in a way which can translate into increased impact for authors and submissions for your journal and book program.

ScienceOpen can create an innovative channel to increase submissions to your open access journals to align with your APC income stream and provide an attractive showcase for topical selections of content that respond to rapidly developing scientific developments. ScienceOpen puts your content into context on our Search & Discovery platform of over 90 million records, helps increase submissions, and builds communities around your content.

Hosting Solutions

ScienceOpen can host your journals, conference proceedings, or books in an interactive environment. Our unique open access hosting service allows you to situate the version of record of your journals and books directly within an interactive discovery environment.

Hosting solutions by ScienceOpen provide comprehensive services, including full XML, PDF, and epub downloads, DOI deposit with Crossref, integration with ORCID, long-term archiving with CLOCKSS, distribution to A&I services, dynamic search and filtering, author profiles, manuscript submission options, usage statistics, and many community engagement features.

Publishing services

ScienceOpen offers end-to-end open access publishing solutions for new journals or presses, allowing publishers to customize services based on their goals and budget. Publishers can book a sub-domain powered by ScienceOpen to manage existing open access publications or launch new journals, benefiting from technical infrastructure for manuscript submission, peer review, hosting, distribution, analytics, and APC management.

ScienceOpen’s platform supports publisher branding with a customized URL and website, integrated with ORCID, Crossref, and Altmetric for global scholarly communication. Our digital infrastructure includes user profiles, interactive features, and transparent metrics to enhance content visibility and engagement.

Do you #WorkInPublishing?

ScienceOpen offers tools to support research through publishing, discovery, creation, and networking. Researchers can publish preprints and posters, engage in academic discourse, and enhance the visibility of their work.

The platform provides multidimensional search capabilities, export options for search results, and features to save searches and bookmark articles for later exploration.

Researchers can make collections to present and curate research, review articles with ORCID and Crossref DOI links, and write Author Summaries to explain research in plain language. By allowing users to upload missing articles and improve the ScienceOpen database, the platform encourages collaboration. Users can follow researchers for updates, expand their network, and provide feedback to ScienceOpen for continuous improvement.

ScienceOpen aims to facilitate a comprehensive research experience, from publication to networking, with features designed to meet the diverse goals of the research community.

What are you waiting for? Register today for free and share your work with our community and benefit fully from our services and solutions.

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