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Success Stories of 2023 – Comet Research Group

Success Stories of 2023 – Comet Research Group

Celebrate 2023’s achievements in the #YearInReview campaign and join us in celebrating some of the important collaborations that marked our year.

Let us celebrate open science today by revisiting the Comet Research Group and the research on comets and the Younger Dryas impact hypothesis by CRG on ScienceOpen.

Highlighting global debates within the scientific community

The Comet Research Group aims to find evidence about comet impacts and raise awareness about them before the next impact. In 2023, publications from the Comet Research Group relating to the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis got featured in special ScienceOpen collections that highlight scientific articles and debates within the scientific community about this paradigm-shifting hypothesis.

Our services and tools equip researchers with enhanced discovery and dissemination opportunities, adding research that engages various scientific communities and researcher circles on our platform.

Scholars and comet-enthusiasts can discover articles related to the hypothesis in two separate collections:

ScienceOpen’s advanced search functions allow users to quickly find papers on topics of interest, share and recommend them to their social media accounts and ScienceOpen peers, and comment and review them using our reviewing infrastructure.

In just a few months, the Comet Research Group collections have gathered worldwide attention and thousands of views on ScienceOpen, encouraging further submissions on significant, cutting-edge, impact-related investigations.

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