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Success Stories of 2023 – EDP Sciences

Success Stories of 2023 – EDP Sciences

In 2023, ScienceOpen expanded its publishing network through significant partnerships that showcased world-class scholarly works and research that accelerates advancements, sustainability, and growth.

Our innovative infrastructure has upgraded and promoted important scholarship, accelerating progress towards the SDGs, and on today’s Year in Review campaign, we want to highlight our collaboration with EDP Sciences, which grew bigger and stronger in the past year.

Interdisciplinary research promoting SDGs

In 2023, ScienceOpen was happy to extend its collaboration with EDP Sciences, a fellow SDG Publishers Compact member that was able to spread the word about its SDG-related research both inside and outside of our network of more than 90 million digital publications by using our services and publishing solutions.

Open access content from five EDP Sciences’ journals is now highlighted in a multilingual featured collection on our network. The EDP Sciences collections play an important role in promoting advancements under various SDGs as well as innovations in a variety of disciplines, including aquaculture, social-ecological systems, renewable energy, photovoltaics, sustainability, natural sciences, life sciences, sociology, engineering, and research processes, energy conservation and sustainability, policy issues and education for sustainable environments, climatology, and soil sciences.

Research promoting the Sustainable Development Goals is now featured in its own collection and presented in a dynamic publishing infrastructure powered by ScienceOpen.

EDP Sciences: UN SDGs research collection

Our tools and services help to maximize the digital presence of EDP Sciences’ journal and book content in a way which can translate into increased impact for authors and submissions for EDP Sciences journals, conferences, and its book programs.

Have a look for yourself, follow EDP Sciences on ScienceOpen and share with us your favorite titles.

Promote SDG research on ScienceOpen

Are you publishing research related to the Sustainable Development Goals?

If so and if you are looking for ways how to maximize the digital presence of your scholarship, get in touch with someone from the team today!

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