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Success Stories of 2023 – Electronic Workshops in Computing by BCS

Success Stories of 2023 – Electronic Workshops in Computing by BCS

In 2023, the number of conference proceedings and conference-related publications has grown steadily on ScienceOpen, enhancing our infrastructure’s potential for hosting, promoting, and contextualizing conference outputs in the digital publishing landscape.

ScienceOpen is a low-cost alternative that puts your conference output in the context of over 90 million article records, with smart search and filtering tools and interactive features for the research community.

Celebrate 2023’s achievements in the #YearInReview campaign and join us in celebrating some of the important collaborations that marked our year.

Advancing computing research through the eWiC series

Since 2019, the conference proceedings from the Electronic Workshops in Computing (eWiC) series, organized by BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT are fully hosted on ScienceOpen. This partnership with BCS marks an important milestone in ScienceOpen’s portfolio of conference hosting features for publishers.

The ‘Electronic Workshops in Computing (eWiC)‘ collection is highlighted by ScienceOpen as an important step forward in advancing computing research, and it provides free access to workshop and conference proceedings on a wide range of topics. Various volumes of the eWiC series and the corresponding proceedings are jointly presented in an interactive collection equipped with search and sorting tools to provide a snapshot of current knowledge, debate, and research in computing.

ScienceOpen’s innovative features and tools facilitate community curation, article reviews, comments, and recommendations, which then create a forum for user engagement and increase research discoverability.

By using ScienceOpen’s advanced search functionalities, users can quickly locate papers on topics of interest. Furthermore, ScienceOpen’s ‘Share’ tools allow anyone to share papers directly to their social media accounts. 

Explore some recent publications by BCS in the eWiC collection:

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Your Conference Proceedings on ScienceOpen 

Do you facilitate a conference and wish to increase the visibility and reach of the conference’s proceedings, posters, and other publications? 
If you are interested in housing your conference’s proceedings in ScienceOpen’s interactive discovery environment, then get in touch with Stuart Cooper today! 

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