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Success Stories of 2023 – Journal of Disability Research by KSCDR

Success Stories of 2023 – Journal of Disability Research by KSCDR

Our network has grown to include over 90 million records on ScienceOpen in the last year. We invite you to join us in celebrating by following our Year in Review campaign, which highlights some of the year’s successful implementations.

Today’s success story: the Journal of Disability Research.

Promoting empowering research by JDR

The Journal of Disability Research, part of the quality research collections by King Salman Center for Disability Research on ScienceOpen, plays a significant role in disseminating and raising broader awareness about disability research and related issues.

JDR seeks to foster and stimulate innovative lines of research and highlight advancements made in various situations, particularly in mitigating the impact of life-restricting conditions wherever they occur.

In 2023, the JDR collection on ScienceOpen kept growing by regularly adding new quality content that features both empirical work and theoretical framing, all embedded in the multidisciplinary discovery network of ScienceOpen. ScienceOpen is happy to support JDR with discovery and promotion solutions, as well as management of their peer review system.

Explore the journal’s latest articles through the articles highlighted below:

If you are interested in submitting your own manuscript to the journal, have a look at the requirements outlined in the collection page on ScienceOpen and don’t forget to follow the collection for more exciting content coming soon.

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  1. Indeed JDR is one of the high-quality research collections that cares about disability issues in the Mideast and the world.

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