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Success Stories of 2023 – Murmann and Wachholtz

Success Stories of 2023 – Murmann and Wachholtz

We have started our countdown towards 2024!
Celebrate ScienceOpen’s Year in Review with remarkable achievements and success stories of the past year that not only reflect our commitment to advancing knowledge but also set the stage for exciting collaborations and partnerships in the coming year.

In the dynamic landscape of 2023, ScienceOpen remains at the forefront of innovation, exploring new possibilities for improvement in the setting of scientific exploration and collaboration.

We remain committed to fostering a collaborative digital publishing environment, and we are eager to build on the successes of 2023.

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Two German academic publishers, Wachholtz Verlag and Murmann Verlag joined ScienceOpen in 2023, hosting their Open Access titles on ScienceOpen in an innovative implementation that takes full advantage of ScienceOpen’s cutting-edge metadata management tools and Open Access hosting solutions.

Murmann Verlag has been publishing high-quality books since 2005 with a focus on digital and sustainable transformation that offer visions and tools for a better future. Wachholtz Verlag is a contemporary academic publisher with a distinguished record of publications in the humanities, particularly history, archeology, literature, philosophy, and geography.  

Both publishers collaborated in this joint effort by featuring their publications in the context of our network as a featured collection, thereby promoting interdisciplinary Open Access book scholarship to a wider global audience. Users and scholars of ScienceOpen are now able to access each publisher’s scholarship in dedicated collections while gaining full access to ScienceOpen’s extensive multidimensional discovery tools.

“Science” has its Latin roots in the word scire “know”. At ScienceOpen we embrace knowledge in all its forms and flavors and welcome a wide range of disciplines and content types.

Stephanie Dawson, CEO of ScienceOpen

Our network provides support for the distribution and promotion of Murmann’s and Wachholtz’s scholarship, while both publishers work together with academia, research centers, and clusters of excellence to strive for meaningful contributions to discourses on society and the economy.

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In 2024, join us in sharing and promoting research that matters!

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  1. In 2023, Murmann and Wachholtz celebrated remarkable success stories in their respective fields. Murmann, a tech innovator, achieved breakthroughs in AI-driven solutions, revolutionizing industries. Meanwhile, Wachholtz, a visionary in sustainable practices, spearheaded eco-friendly initiatives, garnering accolades for environmental stewardship. Both exemplify resilience, innovation, and positive impact, marking 2023 as a pivotal year in their illustrious careers.

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