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Success Stories of 2023 – Pluto Journals

Success Stories of 2023 – Pluto Journals

Celebrate with us the countdown towards 2024.

Our network has grown to include over 90 million records in the last year. We invite you to join us in celebrating by following our Year in Review campaign, which highlights some of the year’s most remarkable accomplishments.

Today’s success story: Pluto Journals.

Promoting journals that are at the cutting edge of humanities

Pluto Journals was launched in 2009 as an independent and international journal publisher in the field of the social sciences. They produce world-class journals that are at the cutting edge of humanities research today.

The Pluto Journals Super Collection on ScienceOpen features open access content from 21 journals across the social sciences and humanities. These include research in the fields of current affairs, international studies, law, political economy, disability studies, and Arab and Islamic studies.

As a small independent publisher, Pluto Journals offers a tailored approach for editors and publishers and each journal has access to ScienceOpen’s peer review and manuscript submission management systems, among other publishing solutions and promotional tools.

Pluto Journals

ScienceOpen provides space and services to Pluto and many others to promote their content, from open access hosting solutions to enriched metadata and promotional packages to custom-tailored publishing environments.

Promotional Banner are a great tool for promoting campaigns, publishing programs, and events on an article level. Check out the banners in action in any publication by Pluto Journals.

We are excited to work with publishers like Pluto Journals in 2024 and to help them increase the dissemination of their scholarly journals.

Your partner in digital publishing!

If you want to learn more about ways ScienceOpen can promote your research, get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

In 2024, join us in sharing and promoting research that matters!

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