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Success Stories of 2023 – Radboud University Press

Success Stories of 2023 – Radboud University Press

We continue to celebrate the countdown to the new year with #YearInReview, which highlights some of ScienceOpen’s remarkable accomplishments in 2023.

Celebrate with us and follow our Year in Review campaign. Let’s make Science Open!

Radboud University Press

Founded in 2021, Radboud University Press represents the academic excellence of Radboud University, one of the world’s leading universities. The mission of Radboud University Press is to make scientific knowledge more freely accessible worldwide by making high-quality journals and books affordable for writers and their audiences.

Radboud University Press’s primary goal is to meet the highest academic standards in publishing and to provide free open access publications to both authors and readers.

Radboud University Press’s collection on ScienceOpen includes many book titles as well as publications from four of its journals in English, Dutch, and French, enriching not only the platform’s multilingual content but also the fields of literature, language, and religious studies.

ScienceOpen assists Radboud University Press by indexing its content on our platform and enhancing the discoverability and distribution of its titles in the digital publishing landscape.

Explore the book collection of RUP on ScienceOpen, together with its four journals below:

Radboud University Press Journals:

We invite you to engage with Radboud University Press’ open access content and to invite your research circles to follow their collection.

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