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Success Stories of 2023 – The Environment and Society Collection

Success Stories of 2023 – The Environment and Society Collection

Celebrate with us the countdown towards 2024 with ScienceOpen’s Year in Review.

Our network has grown to include over 90 million records in the last year. We invite you to join us in celebrating by following our success stories and most remarkable accomplishments of 2023.

Today’s success story: The Environment and Society Collection by the Rachel Carson Center and the White Horse Press.

Promoting multidisciplinary research for a global audience

This year’s addition of the Environment and Society collection to our network marks a significant three-way collaboration between ScienceOpen, the Rachel Carson Center and White Horse Press.

The Environment and Society Collection is a collaborative collection created by the Rachel Carson Center in Germany and the White Horse Press in the United Kingdom and it highlights on our network of 90+ million publications the research results of an international project that is aiming to rethink the interactions of environments and societies from a multidisciplinary and global perspective.

ScienceOpen’s state-of-the-art indexing and discovery solutions assist both publishers in boosting readership and promoting this collaborative implementation across various scholarly circles around the world.

The Environment and Society Collection covers environmental history, wildlife conservation, ethics, and climate change, highlighting current information and discussions about our main issues.

New content from two journals by the Rachel Carson Center will soon be added to the collection, enriching its interdisciplinary scope further. The White Horse Press, in the meantime, has just added a new journal collection on ScienceOpen. Stay tuned for new updates through our blog and explore some of the most recent publications in the Environment and Society Collection and the new journal by the White Horse Press.

The Journal of Population and Sustainability

As always, we recommend you follow the collection to stay up-to-date with new articles and events from the publishers!

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