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Success Stories of 2023 – Zoonoses Journal

Success Stories of 2023 – Zoonoses Journal

We continue our countdown towards 2024! #YearInReview

Celebrate with us and follow our Year in Review campaign, where we present some of the most remarkable accomplishments of 2023.

Let’s make Science Open!

Open Access Hosting for Zoonoses

Zoonoses was established in 2021 as a gold open access, peer-reviewed journal for research scientists, physicians, veterinarians, and public health professionals. It is a journal published by our partner Compuscript, and it provides an open platform for rapid publication of the latest findings, approaches, and viewpoints related to medical sciences, veterinary sciences, and public health.

Zoonoses benefits from ScienceOpen’s hosting services as well as the contextualization among 90 million publications. Recently, Zoonoses has been indexed by SCOPUS, increasing the journal’s visibility, credibility, and collaboration opportunities, as well as improving discoverability and access to useful metrics, leading to an increase in readership and potential funding opportunities.

Articles from Zoonoses on ScienceOpen are located in a branded, attractive featured collection and this implementation serves as a best practice for the implementation of our INTEGRATOR as well, a tool that integrates the collection page with the journal website.

The INTEGRATOR in action at the journal website of Zoonoses.

If you are particularly interested in the topics covered by Zoonoses, be sure to log in to your ScienceOpen account and hit ‘Follow’ the Collection. (Tip: make sure email alerts are turned on for your ScienceOpen account!)

Explore the journal through its latest publications and share with us on social media articles that you find interesting or relevant for your research.

Highlighted titles:

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