ScienceOpen hosting BIO Integration Journal

ScienceOpen hosting BIO Integration Journal

Back in 2020, BIO Integration (BIOI) was a newly created open access journal covering biomedical sciences that got integrated into ScienceOpen’s interactive research and discovery network. In the past years, BIOI has grown to become an international hub for clinicians, academics, and industry professionals in biomedical sciences, and we are happy to announce that the journal is switching its hosting platform from Ingenta to ScienceOpen.

Let’s welcome Bio Integration once again on ScienceOpen.

Driving progress of modern medicine

BIO Integration is a platinum open access journal focusing on original, cutting-edge, interdisciplinary contents in the field of biosciences, including medicine, biochemistry, biophysics, bioengineering, and biotechnology. It is an inclusive forum that promotes interdisciplinary communication between scientific ideas and clinical needs and addresses innovations in biomedical sciences and the role of science collaboration as a major driver of innovation.

17 issues of BIOI will now be fully hosted and promoted on ScienceOpen among the 91+ million scholarly publications.

Our hosting infrastructure will provide BIOI’s editors and authors with interactive and engaging user access to all ranges of published content, maximizing dissemination and discovery across scholarly communities all over the world.  We will take care of the technical aspects of the publishing workflow, starting from CrossRef registration and ORCID integration to providing long-term delivery of archiving services through simple automation protocols.

BIO Integration welcomes the submission of review articles; original research; commentaries, news, and editorials; short communications or technical reports which can include works-in-progress, reports and notes covering the technical aspects of a procedure or a brief description of a case with unique features that have been previously unreported, and authors can quickly submit a manuscript by clicking on the ‘Submit a Manuscript’ button on the journal collection page on ScienceOpen.

Explore some of the newest publications by the journal and make sure to hit the follow button.

Interested in hosting a journal on ScienceOpen?

Are you in search of a new hosting platform for your journal? Contact Stuart Cooper to learn more about ScienceOpen’s publishing solutions embedded in a unique, interactive discovery environment.

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