Emerald Publishing shines a spotlight on Sustainable Structures & Infrastructures 

Emerald Publishing shines a spotlight on Sustainable Structures & Infrastructures 

As a mission-driven academic publisher, Emerald has long focused on research that can make an impact on the world and has aligned their focus with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They are a founding signatory of the SDG Publishers Compact and focus their efforts as a “facilitator of research impact” on 5 themes: Fairer Society, Healthier Lives, Quality Education for All, Responsible Management, and now a new focus on Sustainable Structures and Infrastructures

Established by the United Nations, the SDGs are a universal call to action to ensure peace and prosperity for the people and the planet, comprising 17 interconnected objectives from combatting climate change and inequality to increasing access to education and healthcare.  

At ScienceOpen, we are committed to supporting the cause of the SDGs. As a proud member of the SDG Publishers Compact, we have been actively supporting SDG publishers in the digital publishing landscape.  

Emerald Sustainable Structures and Infrastructures  

Emerald: Sustainable Structures & Infrastructures is the newest addition to Emerald’s extensive collection of scholarly research related to the SDGs. The collection addresses global challenges such as limited access to affordable and clean energy, resilient infrastructure for climate change, sustainable urbanisation, and responsible consumption in construction. Curating outstanding research in these areas, the collection ensures that academics, businesses and policymakers discover insights that help them drive real change in society

Below is a selection of research from the collection:  

Be sure to check out the Emerald collections on Healthier Lives, Quality Education for All, Responsible Management and Fairer Society.  By curating and promoting the content from across multiple disciplines aligned with these five collections, Emerald and ScienceOpen hope to contribute to real change in society and to further the dissemination of the advancements made under each SDG. 

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