Qatar University Press partners with ScienceOpen for Arabic/English bilingual discovery 

Qatar University Press partners with ScienceOpen for Arabic/English bilingual discovery 

ScienceOpen’s list of partners includes various publishers from all over the world and we take great pride in the diversity of our scholarly offer and the richness of our discovery network. 

We are pleased to announce that our collaboration with University Presses has been expanded with the addition of a new publisher. Let us all extend a warm welcome to Qatar University Press, a leading publisher of books, journals, and scholarly monographs that advance knowledge and influence policy. 

Increasing the discoverability of Arabic-language research 

Established in 2018, Qatar University Press is a publishing house for scholarly books and journals that supports Qatar University’s vision towards research and education excellence in Qatar and the region. Qatar University Press has established itself as a regional leader in the sharing of knowledge and its global impact through the dissemination of scholarship of the highest standard.  

Qatar University Press fosters the culture of research by encouraging and engaging researchers and students in publishing innovative and impactful interdisciplinary research. 

The academic excellence of QUP will now be presented in our network through three new journal collections, featuring multidisciplinary viewpoints and quality publications in our network of over 90 million publications. The collection features completely bilingual (Arabic and English) metadata including titles, abstracts and author descriptions to improve the discoverability and citability of cutting-edge Arabic research. 

Exploring new journals by Qatar University Press 

The International Review of Law (IRL) 

The International Review of Law (IRL) is a biannual, peer-reviewed law journal that strives to embrace a contemporary legal discourse and cuts across borders and cultures. The journal welcomes in-depth legal research in the field of national and comparative law in a way that enriches the Qatari legal environment and increases its international exposure and openness to comparative legal systems.  

IRL is concerned with publishing comparative studies between Qatari and foreign laws, as well as commentaries on legislation and court rulings. The journal is an open access platform through which researchers and readers can have access to research studies from around the world without getting restricted by borders or geographical barriers. 

The International Review of Law Journal Collection will enrich our network’s content on topics related to law and will highlight the contribution of Qatari researchers in the scholarly landscape covering legal studies. 

Explore the journal articles through the titles highlighted below: 

Journal of College of Sharia and Islamic Studies 

The Journal of College of Sharia and Islamic Studies (JCSIS) at Qatar University is a peer-reviewed, bilingual, open access journal that provides a forum for quality research in multidisciplinary classical and contemporary Islamic studies in both Arabic and English from all over the world.  

Since 1980, JCSIS has established itself as a valuable resource both for scholars and students of Islamic Studies as well as for libraries and it encourages contributions from all branches of Islamic Studies with a view to deepening historical research on Islam, in both theory and practice, from historical and social-science perspectives since its emergence until modern times.  

JCSIS bridges East-West researchers and readers and presents up-to-date research which will now be featured in a dedicated ScienceOpen collection, embedded in discovery infrastructure that brings together scholars from all over the world. 

Highlighted titles from JCSIS: 

Tajseer Journal 

Tajseer Journal cover

Tajseer Journal is a peer-reviewed biannual journal that publishes cross-disciplinary scientific research that addresses problems and phenomena in an interdisciplinary manner, and bridges cognitively between the various branches of humanities and social sciences with a special focus on Arab and Islamic issues

The journal is a collaborative publication, launched in 2019 between the Ibn Khaldun Center for Humanities and Social Sciences at Qatar University and Qatar University Press. Tajseer proactively seeks interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary research that looks beyond methodological nationalism and the narrow limitations of humanities and social disciplines.  

The inclusion of Tajseer Journal to the ScienceOpen platform will undoubtedly serve as a dynamic space for researchers and readers worldwide to engage with and explore the journal’s cross-disciplinary insights, further promoting collaboration and knowledge dissemination on a global scale

Discover scholarly publications from the journal: 

Promote your scholarly work on ScienceOpen 

ScienceOpen will support the new journals by Qatar University Press with its cutting-edge publishing infrastructure, fully equipped with dissemination tools and integrations that facilitate an easy and creative publishing and discovery experience online. 

Do you represent a university press, a small publishing house, or are you simply a science enthusiast with many ideas and a will to curate your own digital collection? Get in touch with our team and we will be happy to assist you and provide all the information you need for our publishing solutions and discovery services. 

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