Ansaq from Qatar University Press joins ScienceOpen

Ansaq from Qatar University Press joins ScienceOpen

ScienceOpen is delighted to announce that we have extended our partnership with Qatar University Press (QUP), a publisher that produces high-quality, cross-discipline academic content that advances knowledge and aims to open up the global discourse. Following the successful launch of four previous journal collections from QUP (read announcements here and here), we are happy to announce that another journal from QUP has joined the ScienceOpen network.  

With the integration of Ansaq Journal into our platform of over 92 million records, readers from all around the world can now explore its diverse interdisciplinary scholarship in the humanities.

Ansaq Journal 

Ansaq is an open-access international quarterly journal managed by Qatar University’s College of Arts and Sciences and published by Qatar University Press. It focuses on literary studies, social sciences, humanities, and interdisciplinary fields related to society, humanity, media, translation, global linguistic theories, cultural studies, and anthropology. The journal promotes cultural diversity and serves as a hub for intellectual and academic pursuits.  

Ansaq is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary journal that aims to be a prestigious academic platform for the convergence of various specialized fields within humanities, social sciences, and arts. It encourages research that transcends traditional boundaries, offering innovative insights and contributing to a deep understanding of complex phenomena.

The journal welcomes original research in media studies, history, anthropology, sociology, psychology, political science, international relations, translation studies, literary and critical studies, linguistics, philosophy, visual arts, music, and other related fields. Papers in both Arabic and English are accepted. 

Ansaq becomes another example of excellent scholarship in the humanities featured on the ScienceOpen discovery platform. Below is a selection of research from the Ansaq collection: 

Bilingual metadata on ScienceOpen  

Article record with Arabic and English metadata

Similarly to the other journals from QUP, the Ansaq Journal collection on ScienceOpen will feature fully bilingual metadata in English and Arabic, including titles, abstracts, author descriptions, keywords and more.

By leveraging ScienceOpen’s support for multilingual content and metadata, Ansaq not only expands the visibility of its research but also champions inclusivity within the global scholarly community. 

Are you interested in using the ScienceOpen discovery platform to promote your own cross-language content, or are you looking for a hub to launch your own multilingual journal? Check out this blog post to find out more about multilingual publishing with ScienceOpen and contact CEO Stephanie Dawson or Global Business Director Stuart Cooper with any questions or enquiries.  

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