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Humanities and Social Sciences Research on ScienceOpen 

Humanities and Social Sciences Research on ScienceOpen 

At ScienceOpen, we are committed to promoting cutting-edge, transparent, and socially responsible research across languages and disciplines. While our platform was originally based primarily in the natural and physical sciences, in recent years our portfolio has greatly expanded and our network now includes excellent research from the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

In today’s post, we are excited to showcase collections from the ScienceOpen platform that cover scholarship from various facets of the humanities and social sciences. 

Publishers showcasing excellence in the arts and social sciences 

Pluto Journals was launched in 2009 as an independent and international journal publisher in the field of the social sciences. They produce world-class journals that are at the cutting edge of humanities research today. 

The Pluto Journals Super Collection on ScienceOpen features open-access content from 21 journals across the social sciences and humanities. These include research in the fields of current affairs, international studies, law, political economy, disability studies, and Arab and Islamic studies. 

Below are some of the highlights from the Pluto Journals collection.

Cultural studies

Political science

Development studies

Disability studies

The Open Library of Humanities (OLH) is a charitable organisation dedicated to publishing open-access scholarship with no author-facing article processing charges. The scholarship published by OLH showcases some of the most dynamic research taking place in the humanities disciplines today – from classics, modern languages and cultures, philosophy, theology and history, to political theory, sociology, anthropology, film and new media studies, and digital humanities. 

Researchers can browse the OLH collection on ScienceOpen for articles published across journals from these broad research fields.



Literary studies

Brepols, founded in 1796, is an international academic publisher with a long tradition in the humanities. Its mission is to publish print and online books and journals with an outstanding academic reputation in the fields of history, archaeology, languages and literature, music and art.

The Brepols collection on ScienceOpen contains research from three excellent journals: 

European Yearbook of the History of Psychology 

Journal for the History of Environment and Society 

Journal of Urban Archaeology 

Wachholtz is a modern academic publisher with a long history of promoting research within the fields of history, archeology, literature, philosophy and geography. As an international and multilingual publisher, Wachholtz works together with leading academic institutions, departments, collaborative research centres and clusters of excellence.

Below is a selection of research from Wachholtz Verlag in history, archaeology and cultural studies, in English and German: 

Established in 2018, Qatar University Press (QUP) is a young publishing house for scholarly books and journals that supports Qatar University’s vision towards research and education excellence in Qatar and the region. Qatar University Press has established itself as a regional leader in the sharing of knowledge and its global impact through the dissemination of scholarship of the highest standard. 

The QUP collection on ScienceOpen currently contains research from four journals: The International Review of Law, The Journal of College of Sharia and Islamic Studies, Tajseer Journal, and The Journal of Educational Sciences. 

The Peter Lang Group has been publishing high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarly books in the humanities and social sciences for over 50 years. Every year, Peter Lang Books publishes approximately 1,400 titles in multiple languages, with over 40,000 print and e-book copies available. Arts, Cultural Studies, Economics & Law, Education, Media & Communication, History & Politics, Languages and Literatures, Linguistics, Philosophy, and Slavic Studies are among the core subjects. 

The Peter Lang collection on ScienceOpen currently spans 212 books in languages such as English, French and Spanish. Below is just a small selection of some of them: 

Media and communications



Furthermore, readers can also browse books from two specialized collections by Peter Lang:

Peter Lang Books – Languages & Literature:

Peter Lang Books – History:

Scholarship from University Presses 

Amsterdam University Press (AUP) is a leading publisher of academic books, journals and textbooks in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The key aim of AUP is to make current research available to scholars, students, innovators, and the general public. AUP stands for scholarly excellence, global presence, and engagement with the international academic community. 

AUP publishes several Dutch- and English-language journals that can be accessed through the ScienceOpen discovery platform:

Additionally, AUP publishes books covering the following areas: Asian Studies, Film, Media and Communication, History, Language and Literature, and Social and Political Sciences. 

University of Westminster Press (UWP) is a digital-first open-access publisher of peer reviewed academic books, policy briefs and journals. It publishes widely in the social sciences, humanities and in environmental studies across various journals: 

Here you find some highlighted titles from the UWP book collection on ScienceOpen:

The University of Maribor Press publishes books and journals in various fields of science, technology, art, humanities and social sciences. Through ScienceOpen, readers can explore content from two interdisciplinary journals from the University of Maribor Press: 

The University of Maribor Press also publishes books:

Other collections of humanities and social sciences research 

The Harriet Tubman Institute is a one-of-a-kind interdisciplinary research center dedicated to the study of pre-contact cultures and histories of Africa, histories of slavery, and colonialism. It focuses on the struggles in the current lives of African peoples and diasporic communities to achieve social justice and covers contemporary forms of exploitation. 

Curated by the Rachel Carson Center in Germany and The White Horse Press in the United Kingdom, the Environment and Society Collection on ScienceOpen is a collaborative, international project intent on foregrounding and rethinking the interactions of environments and societies from multidisciplinary and global perspectives. 

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