Introducing Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science on ScienceOpen

Introducing Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science on ScienceOpen

ScienceOpen is committed to fostering a culture of open and accessible science by promoting the best Open Access research and facilitating knowledge sharing among scientists, clinicians, and laypeople worldwide. We are delighted to announce that the Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science has joined the ScienceOpen network. 

Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science   

Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science (JAPS) is a monthly open-access peer-reviewed journal dedicated to various disciplines of pharmaceutical and allied sciences. JAPS accepts submissions in the form of original research and reviews (including mini-reviews and short communication), either experimental or theoretical, in the diverse areas of pharmaceutical science including medicinal and analytical chemistry, pharmacology and toxicology, computer-aided drug design, and drug regulatory affairs. For a full list of accepted subdisciplines, see the ScienceOpen page of the collection here.  

Researchers and other interested readers can now dynamically browse the full journal content to quickly find the most interesting papers and follow the Publisher link-out to access the full-text articles. With this journal fully indexed on the ScienceOpen platform, users can now also benefit from our community curation and dissemination tools by recommending and sharing articles, exporting citations, and filtering the collection titles using our smart search tools and filters. 

Browse the latest articles from JAPS: 

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