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New issue from the Journal of Disability Research now on ScienceOpen 

New issue from the Journal of Disability Research now on ScienceOpen 

ScienceOpen maintains its dedication to broadening scholarly horizons and promoting socially responsible research. One of the foremost collections that embodies this commitment is the Journal of Disability Research from the King Salman Center for Disability Research.  

Today, we want to showcase some of the newest publications from the Journal of Disability Research collection to the ScienceOpen discovery platform. 

Journal of Disability Research 

The Journal of Disability Research (JDR) is published by the King Salman Center for Disability Research using ScienceOpen’s end-to-end publishing solutions, including built-in Manuscript Submission and Peer Review systems.  

JDR showcases a comprehensive array of scholarly works dedicated to advancing understanding and addressing challenges within the field of disabilities.  

JDR seeks to foster and stimulate innovative lines of research and highlight advancements made in various situations, particularly in mitigating the impact of life-restricting conditions wherever they occur

JDR is highly interdisciplinary. It welcomes submissions not only from medical research but also from other fields of disability studies including but not limited to social and cultural aspects of disability, labour laws, assistive technologies and inclusive designs (click here for a complete list of accepted topics). 

The ScienceOpen discovery platform allows readers and scholars alike to read articles from JDR, browse the associated metadata including citations and related research, and submit their own work to the Journal with a single click via an interactive banner accessible on every article.  

Explore the latest issue from JDR on ScienceOpen: 

Readers interested in the field of disability research are encouraged to stay updated with the JDR collection on ScienceOpen, as well as to follow the Journal on X/Twitter

Publishing on ScienceOpen 

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