Celebrating books at the London Book Fair 2024 

Celebrating books at the London Book Fair 2024 

In light of the upcoming London Book Fair, we would like to highlight the diverse book content available on ScienceOpen. With over 9.7 million scholarly book records in our network, ScienceOpen provides cutting-edge technology and book publishing solutions to institutions, independent publishers, university presses, and researchers. If you will be attending the London Book Fair and would like to meet with our team to learn more about our services, contact Stephanie Dawson or Stuart Cooper for a face-to-face meeting. 

Below is a selection of the diverse and multidisciplinary book content on ScienceOpen spanning STEM, Social Sciences & Humanities and topics such as UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

AEUP (Association of European University Presses)

The Association for European University Presses (AEUP) is an organization that connects university presses across Europe, helping members build stronger relationships with one another, collaborate and share knowledge to achieve common goals, and jointly address important issues in the rapidly changing publishing environment. Currently, the AEUP has 50 members from 18 countries.  

Since 2023, ScienceOpen has provided AEUP members with a platform for catalogue indexing based on Digital Object Identifiers (DOI), metadata services, and a variety of discovery and promotional tools.

AEUP members can also use ScienceOpen services to create their own branded collections on the platform. 

Leiden University Press brings scholarly knowledge to a global community of scholars and students. In keeping with Leiden University’s commitment to develop, disseminate and apply academic knowledge, we support first-class scholarship in the humanities, social sciences, and law whilst maintaining high editorial and design standards. 

Amsterdam University Press (AUP) is a leading publisher of academic books, journals and textbooks in the humanities and social Sciences. The key aim of AUP is to make current research available to scholars, students, innovators, and the general public. AUP stands for scholarly excellence, global presence, and engagement with the international academic community 

University of Westminster Press collection features an open access interdisciplinary list with various book titles in media and communication studies; law and the senses; social theory; politics and history; internet studies, education and philosophy. UWP aims to achieve the widest and most cost-effective possible dissemination of research via a transparent multi-format medium. 

Leuven University Press is a mission-driven academic press of international repute. Active in scholarly publishing for over 50 years, the press has built up a strong book collection in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. 

Other notable book collections on ScienceOpen

African Minds publishes predominantly in the social sciences and its authors are typically African academics or those with a close affinity with the continent. African Minds offers innovative approaches to those frustrated by a lack of support from traditional publishers. At African Minds the emphasis is less on the commercial viability of publications than on fostering access, openness and debate in the pursuit of growing and deepening the African knowledge base. 

Radboud University Press is a diamond Open Access publisher of academic journals and books in a variety of fields. Radboud University Press, founded in 2021, has an open-access book collection on ScienceOpen that includes some of Radboud’s best titles in English and Dutch. 

University of Maribor Press operates on a modern basis and meets the demands of today’s rapidly changing scientific communication. It publishes scientific books, expert books, textbooks, and other monographs in the fields of science, technology, art, humanities, and social sciences. 

UUM Press Books manages a bilingual collection of books available both in English and Malay, with a focus on promoting different disciplines and research subjects of the scholarly work at the Universiti Utara Malaysia. On ScienceOpen you can get easy access to some of the most recent publications by UUM Press and learn more about specific case studies, legal practices, finance and economy of Malaysia and other regions of interest. 

Medical Physics Publishing maintains a comprehensive backlist of books, reports, and theses in medical physics and closely related fields, aiming to keep the medical physics community up to date with the most recent advancements in these disciplines. In the collection you can find scholarly books written by and for physicists, residents, radiologists, and technologists. 

The University of Michigan Press (UMP) is a leading publisher and distributor of books and digital projects in humanities and social sciences. The University of Michigan Press is a vital component of UM Library’s Michigan Publishing, which is the primary academic publishing division of the University.  

The Peter Lang Group has been publishing high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarly books in the humanities and social sciences for over 50 years. Every year, Peter Lang Books publishes approximately 1,400 titles in multiple languages, with over 40,000 print and e-book copies available.  

Murmann Verlag is one of the leading non-fiction publishers for decision-makers, doers and thought leaders and it has been publishing high-quality books since 2004. The book collection on ScienceOpen focuses on the transformative potential of the economy in tackling the great challenges of our time, such as the climate crisis or the digital transformation of both society and the economy. 

Sunway University is one of Malaysia’s leading private universities, committed to providing high-quality education, fostering entrepreneurship, and conducting research on critical global issues. Sunway University Press strives to be Asia’s torch of knowledge and at the forefront of groundbreaking research and exciting new ideas, complementing Sunway University’s mission of publishing and disseminating knowledge from ideas and scholarship at the highest levels of excellence. 

Marine Corps University Press publishes open access books and journals that provide a forum for interdisciplinary discussion of national security, international relations, military history/science, political science, and geopolitical issues and how they impact the Department of Defense, the Department of the Navy, and the U.S. Marine Corps directly and indirectly.

Carl Grossmann Books provides easy access to a variety of books on topics such as law and legal studies, media studies, criminal procedure law, and human and civil rights. The full open-access collection on ScienceOpen includes a variety of publications, both in English and German, which are available anywhere and at any time.  

Come meet us at the London Book Fair! 

Enjoy the London Book Fair if you’re attending and reach out to Stuart or Stephanie to schedule a meeting. If you can’t make it, contact us, and we’ll arrange a virtual meeting. 

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