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Space research on ScienceOpen

Space research on ScienceOpen

The International Day of Human Space Flight is observed annually on April 12th and commemorates the first human space flight by Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. This day celebrates the remarkable achievements of human space exploration, emphasizes the vital role of space science and technology in fostering innovation, as well as reaffirms the importance of utilizing outer space for peaceful endeavours and for addressing global challenges on Earth. 

In anticipation of the International Day of Human Space Flight, we wanted to highlight some of the space research available on the ScienceOpen platform. 

AIAA Space Collection 

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) brings together industry, academia, and government to advance engineering and science in aviation, space, and defense. It is the world’s largest technical society dedicated to the global aerospace profession. 

“Space is becoming an essential part of our everyday lives and there are more and more entities getting involved, making space more congested and complex, requiring new rules and norms so that all participants can coexist and prosper.”


The AIAA Space Collection on the ScienceOpen discovery platform showcases a wide array of aerospace-related research published by the Institute. This collection provides a comprehensive and extensive source of space travel science and technology research, increasing the reach and impact of AIAA’s novel research and contributing to AIAA’s mission of helping aerospace professionals and their organizations succeed. 

AIAA Journal (AIAAJ) is the flagship journal of AIAA which publishes new theoretical developments and experimental results on topics such as aeroacoustics, aerodynamics, combustion, fundamentals of propulsion, fluid mechanics and reacting flows, the aerospace environment, lasers and plasmas, research instrumentation and facilities, structural mechanics and materials, and thermomechanics and thermochemistry. 

Space research on ScienceOpen   

The ScienceOpen discovery network currently contains over 92 million scholarly records from different disciplines across the sciences and humanities. Our advanced search functions allow users to quickly find scholarly content on topics of interest, whether they be journal articles, books, book chapters, posters or preprints. Below are some of the featured scholarly collections on ScienceOpen that include research on different topics related to outer space. 

Karger Publishers, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, is a globally active publishing house of worldwide renown in health sciences. Karger is committed to advancing research in the field by connecting scientists, clinicians and patients. Since 2020, handpicked articles by Karger have been featured in 11 topical collections on ScienceOpen, providing an invaluable digital resource for medical researchers and practitioners in areas including oncologyneurologyendocrinologydigital health and more.   

JMIR Publications is the leading open access digital health research publisher with a long-standing commitment to advancing digital health research and progressing open science. The JMIR Publications collection on ScienceOpen highlights the breadth and quality of digital health research covered in the JMIR portfolio, including research from the Journal of Medical Internet Research, JMIR Medical Informatics, JMIR Mental Health, JMIR Cancer, and other publications.   

The Comet Research Group aims to find evidence about comet impacts and raise awareness about them before the next impact. The Comet Research Group’s publications are featured on ScienceOpen in two curated research collections, Airburst and Crater Research and Airbursts and Cratering Impacts

Curated by the Rachel Carson Center in Germany and The White Horse Press in the United Kingdom, the Environment and Society Collection on ScienceOpen is a collaborative, international project intent on foregrounding and rethinking the interactions of environments and societies from multidisciplinary and global perspectives.   

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