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Celebrating International Workers’ Day with Interdisciplinary Insights 

Celebrating International Workers’ Day with Interdisciplinary Insights 

May 1st isn’t just about spring blooms and picnics; it is about honoring the backbone of our society – the workers. International Workers’ Day or Labor Day, celebrated in many countries around the world in May, dates back to the late 19th-century labor movement, commemorating both the historical and modern-day fight for fair labor practices and workers’ rights. As we honor the contributions of workers past and present, we would also like to emphasize the importance of ongoing scholarly inquiry into the challenges of our current global labor landscape. 

Work Organisation, Labour & Globalisation 

Work Organisation, Labour & Globalisation, published by Pluto Journals, addresses the evolving international division of labor driven by globalization and technological advancements. This journal combines insights from multiple disciplines, including political economy, sociology, and organizational theory, to understand the complexities of the modern workforce. It aims to provide a comprehensive platform for empirical research and theoretical analysis, informing interdisciplinary approaches to the study of global work restructuring. Below are some highlights from the journal’s latest volumes and issues. 

Academic workers in crisis: Organisation in the post-pandemic university (Vol. 18, Issue 1) focuses on how labor processes mirror the heightened pressures faced by academic professionals in the aftermath of the pandemic.  

Digitalisation and self-perpetuation: dynamics, drivers and temporalities of the transformation of working worlds (Vol. 17, Issue 1) takes on a significant trend accompanying digitalization: the rise of novel processes characterized by ‘self-perpetuation‘ (Verselbständigung). Among other related topics, articles introduce and elucidate the concept of self-perpetuation, aiming to integrate it into academic discourse on digitalization and assess its analytical value. 

International Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the New Global Division of Labour (Vol. 17, Issue 2) presents diverse perspectives on the evolving landscape of global labor division. From the impact of automation on traditional industries to the role of gender in shaping employment patterns, this issue provides invaluable insights for scholars and policymakers worldwide. 

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