Current Research on Regenerative Farming on ScienceOpen 

Current Research on Regenerative Farming on ScienceOpen 

Regenerative farming is a holistic approach to agriculture that seeks to restore and enhance ecosystem health while also improving the productivity and resilience of agricultural systems. The core idea is to work with natural processes rather than against them, mimicking the structure and function of natural ecosystems.  

Insight from BDS 

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To tackle this topic, Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing (BDS) stands out as an esteemed independent publisher specializing in agricultural and food science content. Their pioneering publishing approach serves to connect scientific insights with practical application, empowering individuals and environmental leadership to enact positive change in sustainable agriculture, climate action, and the pursuit of UN Sustainable Development Goals.  

With the global population set to exceed 9 billion by 2050, current food production needs to be increased by an estimated 56% to ensure that enough food is produced to feed this growing population. However, in the midst of this challenge, agriculture and food production continues to be criticised for its environmental impact and contribution to climate change, namely through its use of agricultural inputs, fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions.

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We are thus left with the million-dollar question: how can we increase food production while also minimizing environmental impact? We can explore solutions through the following two books, published by BDS and available now on ScienceOpen: 

"Developing circular agricultural production systems" title page

Developing Circular Agriculture Production Systems delves into the utilization of ‘closed-loop’ farming models to optimize crop nutrient cycles and resource utilization, while also exploring the recycling of agricultural waste into production or bio-based materials.  

"Advances in agri-food robotics" title image

Advances in Agri-Food Robotics offers a practical examination of how robotics and automation can address the aforementioned challenge. In addition to enhancing sustainability, agricultural robotics can boost on-farm productivity and profitability. 

Explore additional noteworthy publications from BDS covering many facets and topics of sustainable farming and agriculture: 

Other notable journals and collections 

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The Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research, published by Teagasc (Agriculture and Food Development Authority, Ireland), is a peer-reviewed open-access scientific journal originally launched in 1992. It welcomes manuscripts covering various research areas directly relevant to Irish agriculture and food production, such as plant and animal sciences, food science, agri-environmental science, soils, engineering, buildings, economics, and sociology: 

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The Journal of Southern Agriculture, sponsored by the Guangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, has been published continuously since 1940. Formerly known as Guangxi Agriculture and Journal of Southern Agriculture, it is a comprehensive academic periodical covering agricultural science and technology, both domestically and internationally. Since 2011, it has been recognized as one of China’s core periodicals and core journals in science and technology.  

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