How to: Open Peer Review on ScienceOpen 

How to: Open Peer Review on ScienceOpen 

Since its inception, ScienceOpen has stood for making academic publishing open, providing a built-in system for authors and reviewers to benefit from. Our platform simplifies manuscript submission, accelerates preprint sharing, facilitates the open peer review process, and encourages post-publication dialogue.

From submitting a manuscript or preprint to reviewing them, below we highlight some of our most helpful video resources for authors and reviewers alike on how to utilize our open peer review management system

Submitting a Manuscript on ScienceOpen 

Looking to submit your original manuscript but don’t know where or how? This video covers the step-by-step process, from logging into the ScienceOpen account to navigating to the appropriate journal collection. Authors are guided through uploading their manuscripts and the necessary forms that need to be filled out for submission. More information can also be found here

Submitting a Preprint to DrugRxiv 

We have recently welcomed DrugRxiv onto our platform, a REPO4EU preprint server dedicated to drug repurposing research. The video below explains the process of uploading manuscripts as preprints to the new DrugRxiv platform. Authors can already find many resources on ScienceOpen about how general preprint submission works, e.g., here or here.

Reviewing a Preprint on ScienceOpen 

Explore the role of reviewers in ScienceOpen’s peer review process. Registered users easily can search for preprints, review them, and submit their feedback. Reviewers must meet the minimum requirements, including having 5 records associated with their ORCID profile to gain reviewer status. We underscore the transparency of the open review process, where reviewer names and comments are publicly visible to promote accountability and constructive feedback. 

Public Post-Publication Peer Review 

Researchers can also benefit from ScienceOpen’s public post-publication peer review model. This video explains how authors can publish their work immediately upon completion, making it citable and accessible. Authenticated scientists and researchers are invited to review published work publicly, ensuring transparency in open evaluation. Post-publication peer review offers authors ongoing and comprehensive feedback from the scientific community. 

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ScienceOpen and its discovery environment aim to simplify your workflow and publications management with a user-friendly interface, cutting-edge discovery tools, and innovative features that aid in the dissemination and communication of research outputs. To learn more about how we can fit our services to your needs, contact Stephanie Dawson or Stuart Cooper.     

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