Launch of the Inaugural Edition of Drug Repurposing on ScienceOpen

Launch of the Inaugural Edition of Drug Repurposing on ScienceOpen

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The first edition of Drug Repurposing has been launched on ScienceOpen! The co-editors-in-chief Harald Schmidt and Hermann Mucke present this new journal as one dedicated to research on the innovative field of drug repurposing. Drug repurposing is a field that finds new therapeutic uses for existing drugs.

The inaugural edition of Drug Repurposing includes a collection of discussion articles, research papers, and reviews. Aimed at catalyzing progress and collaboration, the journal invites contributions from diverse sectors including bioinformatics, clinical trials, ethics, patenting strategies, and more. 

Stephanie Dawson and Harald Schmidt at the Kick-off of Drug Repurposing
Stephanie Dawson, CEO of ScienceOpen, and Harald Schmidt, Coordinator of REPO4EU, launching the first edition of Drug Repurposing at RExPO24.

Highlights of the inaugural issue include: 

  • An overview of the open-access strategy emphasizing shared data and resources by Stephanie Dawson – read here 
  • Hermann Mucke’s honorary lecture at the 2023 2nd International Conference on Systems Medicine, AI, and Drug Repurposing (RExPO23), detailing the history and future potential of drug repurposing read here 
  • Advancements in AI and machine learning for accelerating drug discovery in a review by Sarah Bonnin and others – read here 
  • Ira Hebold Haraldsen’s discussion of the AI-Mind Project, which utilizes AI for automated diagnostics in neurology read here 
  • Research on multi-omics data integration to identify COVID-19 drug repurposing candidates by Francis Edem Agamah – read here 
  • A study on repurposing clopidogrel for a rare disease using big-data network biology by Paul Perco – read here 
  • An analysis of the role of diagnostics in successful drug repurposing by Thomas Krahn read here 
  • Barbara Goodman’s exploration the impact of philanthropic funding on drug repurposing initiatives read here 
  • Innovative clinical trial approaches and agreements for repurposing generic drugs brought to light by Savva Kerdemelidis read here 
  • Hermann Mucke’s detailed guide to freedom-to-operate analyses read here and patent landscape for rare diseases read here 
  • Streamlined regulatory pathways and collaborative research efforts discussed by Bianca Pauly – read here 

About Drug Repurposing 

The Drug Repurposing journal aims to provide an interdisciplinary and cross-sectional overview of the various fields of research and applied sciences that work together to make successful drug repurposing projects a reality. High-throughput and high-content screening, in silico docking studies, pathway-based molecular pharmacology, bioinformatics, mining of peer-reviewed literature, patent documents, and side effect records, and design of drug repurposing trials are all part of this. The Journal also welcomes manuscripts that address strategic and ethical issues that are relevant in the broader context of drug repurposing, such as regulatory affairs, health technology assessment, and intellectual property. Drug Repurposing especially welcomes contributions that emphasize the specific integrative aspects of drug repurposing. 

Drug Repurposing publishes high quality basic science, translational, and clinical research in the form of original research articles, comprehensive review articles, mini-reviews, rapid communications, brief reports, technology reports, hypothesis articles, perspectives, and letters to the editor. The Journal is published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC BY) license to ensure broad dissemination and participation. 

Happening now: RExPO24 in Munich 

RExPO24 is the third installment in the RExPO annual conference series, focusing on Systems Medicine, Artificial Intelligence, and Drug Repurposing. The conference will serve as a platform for experts and stakeholders from around the world to discuss the latest developments and challenges in these fields. RExPO24 provides an opportunity for researchers, professionals, and scholars to exchange ideas, share insights, and collaborate on advancing knowledge and innovation in systems medicine, artificial intelligence, and drug repurposing. This year’s installment is taking place in Munich, Germany, from July 3rd to 5th. All abstracts are published on ScienceOpen! 

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