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ScienceOpen on the road

ScienceOpen on the road

A stack of stickers, flyers, and business cards are ready to go. We are blogging from the train this morning on the way to Hannover for the Open Science Festival. It is exciting to be on the road again after years of pandemic lockdowns and Zoom webinars. But we are also happy that some digital conferences in the mix let us be flexible and save carbon.

Better Discoverability for Funders: Integrating the Funder Registry into BookMetaHub

Better Discoverability for Funders: Integrating the Funder Registry into BookMetaHub

With this new integration, ScienceOpen helps publishers and funders alike to track the visibility of their outputs on the internet. By adding integration with the Funder Registry for all BookMetaHub users, we can simplify and speed up the process of metadata distribution for publishers and improve discoverability for funders.

Launch a journal on ScienceOpen

Launch a journal on ScienceOpen

ScienceOpen and its discovery environment are here to help you through the various stages of the process by making workflow management easier with a user-friendly interface, cutting-edge discovery tools, and innovative features that aid in the dissemination and communication of your research outputs.

Happy New Year from ScienceOpen!

Happy New Year from ScienceOpen!

Welcome to 2022! At ScienceOpen we are looking forward to working with you in the new year. Since I was a kid I loved the new year as a moment to reflect on what I had accomplished and on all the plans that I hoped to realize in the coming months. So it is a great pleasure to share with you some of the highlights from the past year and give a peek at where we are heading.

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Submit a Conference Poster to ScienceOpen

Explore over 350 conference posters from all over the world and submit your own to the ScienceOpen Poster collection. By publishing a poster on ScienceOpen you can continue the conversations started at an online or in-person conference, share with a wider audience on social media and get credit for early results. And we have a new reference feature to get you even more visibility!

Image by Pixabay

You can submit your poster through our simple manuscript submission portal by just clicking the “Submit a manuscript button on the Collection page.

You are required to register on ScienceOpen with a valid ORCID ID before submitting. This is to ensure that you get credit for your work! There is space in the form to further add your affiliation information for the institute where the work was done – don’t forget city and country! This information can be used by others in the SciencOpen portal to ask questions about the research done at a particular institute.

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Upgrade your website with the ScienceOpen INTEGRATOR

Discovery infrastructure to let your best content shine

Image by Jared Tarbell E8 Detail CC BY

ScienceOpen has released its newest feature to support academic publishers – the ScienceOpen INTEGRATOR. Over 50 customers have chosen to showcase their content in 300+ Collections within the interactive ScienceOpen discovery environment. Each Collection allows content to be explored in dynamic ways that highlight top articles. With the ScienceOpen INTEGRATOR, it is now possible to embed ScienceOpen’s state-of-the-art discovery tools directly into any website with just a few lines of code. This feature can be used for journal websites, book selections, and topical collections by institutions, publishers, or societies.

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Join us! Community curation for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Join us! Community curation for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The Sustainable Development Goals

At the heart of the United Nations’ ambitious 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development are 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These represent a call for action from both developed and developing countries in a global partnership to end poverty and improve health and education for all. The SDGs strive to promote economic growth and development in a way that tackles climate change and preserves biodiversity in our oceans and forests. Increasingly, the academic and publishing communities are coming together to support and promote these ambitious goals. The COVID-19 pandemic has only increased the urgency of awareness and action. ScienceOpen is stepping up. 

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Kick off the new year with a free METADATA consultation!

Kick off the new year with a free METADATA consultation!

Best wishes for 2021 from the ScienceOpen team! To kick off the new year, ScienceOpen would like to invite publishers and journal editors to get a free metadata check from our technical experts to ensure that your research is found and read by the widest possible audience. With ScienceOpen’s Metadata Services, we can help you take the first steps towards more impact. In the midst of a global pandemic, the digital transformation in academic publishing has accelerated. With over 2.5 million articles published annually, it is essential that scholarly content can be discovered, understood and processed by computers. The need for rich, machine-readable metadata has become more critical than ever. 

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ScienceOpen: The Publisher Partner for Best-Practice Metadata

Metadata Services at ScienceOpen 

Image by Manfred Steger from Pixabay

For many publishers the requirements of modern digital publishing can be dizzying – XML DTDs, PIDs, DOIs, metatags. At ScienceOpen we have been consulting publishers on their metadata for years to help get the most visibility possible for academic publications. We have increasingly built systems with our technical partner, Ovitas, to support publishers with metadata creation and distribution and made each new tool available to the next customer.  As a metadata technical hub, we can automate time-consuming tasks and let publishers concentrate on the content. Here are a few of the services that we can provide to help take the pain out of publishing: 

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