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Kick off the new year with a free METADATA consultation!

Kick off the new year with a free METADATA consultation!

Best wishes for 2021 from the ScienceOpen team! To kick off the new year, ScienceOpen would like to invite publishers and journal editors to get a free metadata check from our technical experts to ensure that your research is found and read by the widest possible audience. With ScienceOpen’s Metadata Services, we can help you take the first steps towards more impact. In the midst of a global pandemic, the digital transformation in academic publishing has accelerated. With over 2.5 million articles published annually, it is essential that scholarly content can be discovered, understood and processed by computers. The need for rich, machine-readable metadata has become more critical than ever. 

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ScienceOpen and UCL Press launch UCL Research Collections

ScienceOpen and UCL Press launch UCL Research Collections

Themed Collections promote UCL Research

ScienceOpen has worked with its partner, UCL Press, to create themed collections that bring together research by University College London (UCL)-affiliated authors. These collections promote the University’s research output in a unique and interactive format and are accessible on the newly launched UCL Research Collections webpage and can also be found directly through ScienceOpen’s discovery platform. The collections are powered by ScienceOpen, utilizing the collection infrastructure of the platform. The research collections bring together thousands of records of UCL-authored published articles, pre-prints, book chapters, conference proceedings, working papers and reports from a global database into specific themes that are easily explorable in a user-friendly interface.  

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Carl Grossmann Publishers Joins ScienceOpen for Open Access Book Hosting

Recently we announced our new open access book hosting services on ScienceOpen. All the more excited we are to kick off another partnership just in time before the holidays!

Carl Grossmann Verlag is an open access academic book publisher based in Berlin. On the forefront of cross-media publishing, Carl Grossmann Publishers make their titles available not only in print and online, but also in all electronic formats: PDF, EPUB, and MOBI for mobile readers, e-book apps, and Amazon Kindle. Moreover, they offer authors a transparent calculation/cost scheme to clearly set out the steps and connected costs of the publishing process. This is a welcome counter model to many academic publishers, which either do not offer such broad range of digital format outputs or open access publishing, or ask for astronomic prices without offering any insight as to the allocation of expenses nor any detailed information about the actual services being provided. The Carl Grossmann Verlag continues to grow their open access portfolio German and English and all of their titles can be explored in an attractive Carl Grossmann Books collection on ScienceOpen.

Recent titles include:

ScienceOpen is proud to support Carl Grossmann Publishers with our new modular open access book hosting services. Specific technical and promotional solutions included are e.g. a streamlined metadata management interface, Crossref DOI registration for books and chapters, long-term archiving with CLOCKSS, ORCID integration, an additional manuscript submission channel, and promotion of their publications within the context of a discovery environment of more than 66 million records on ScienceOpen. Each book page displays transparent book metrics and offers interactive features for readers such as one-click share and integrated recommendation and commenting functionalities. The features and services are an easy way particularly for small and mid-size publishers to manage metadata and hosting of book titles or book chapters. Thanks to the new partnership, Carl Grossmann Publishers will be able to focus even more on what matters most, that is their authors’ needs and to provide the support that is required.

Or as Katja Grossmann, Editorial Director Carl Grossmann Publishers, puts it:

After having established ScienceOpen as partner, we reduced the time needed to deposit the metadata and to host the files from several hours to a few minutes. And we do not have to cope any more with different metadata providers and provision of complex data formats. That’s really awesome and we have now more time to work with our authors!

Carl Grossmann Verlag is the second open access book publisher to make use of our new interface: Either in addition to or instead of available BITS XMLs metadata publishers can use the user-friendly interface to add to existing data or to create new metadata from scratch. All output in standard BITS format is streamlined and machine readable to quickly integrate rich book records onto ScienceOpen. All books and chapter DOIs are registered with Crossref, books are deposited with CLOCKSS for long-term archiving, Google metatags ensure discoverability and metadata is delivererable to a range of services!

If you are a researcher interested in publishing your academic research results, master’s thesis or dissertation open access with Carl Grossmann Verlag, explore their offerings here. If you are a publisher interested in our book hosting services, or ScienceOpen’s services more generally, see our offerings here or contact Stephanie Dawson or Stuart Cooper directly.

Countdown to the Holidays

A countdown to the holidays with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

And just like that, it is December! Although the holidays will look different this year—with virtual gatherings in place of in-person events, less travel, and adapted traditions—we hope you are still looking forward to the festive period! In anticipation of the season, we will be highlighting different collections on ScienceOpen beginning tomorrow and continuing each weekday through the 24th of December. The theme of this year’s countdown is the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 2020 has highlighted for us all the ways, large and small, that our world is interconnected. We feel, therefore, that it is critical to promote research on sustainability, global warming, poverty, and inequality and hope that we can do a small part in helping the research community make progress with these goals. 

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The new open-access African Journal of Engineering & Technology launches, powered by ScienceOpen technology

The new open-access African Journal of Engineering & Technology launches, powered by ScienceOpen technology

Introducing the Sudanese Researchers Foundation

We are very excited to introduce our new cooperation with the Sudanese Researchers Foundation (SRF). SRF is a Sudanese NGO focusing on advancing scientific research in Sudan and increasing the capacity of Sudanese researchers. ScienceOpen and SRF have collaborated to begin a new journal within the ScienceOpen platform, making it the second journal to be completely powered by ScienceOpen. The support provided by ScienceOpen will include a manuscript submission and peer review management system, production tracking, editorial operation support, open-access hosting, metadata services, and promotional campaigns for SRF’s new journal, the African Journal of Engineering & Technology (AJET).

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African Minds kicks off open access book hosting service on ScienceOpen

Introducing our partner: African Minds

ScienceOpen has partnered with the not-for-profit, open access publisher, African Minds, to host its scholarly books in a unique Collection on ScienceOpen. While ScienceOpen has been hosting open access journal content for years, it is the first time ScienceOpen has hosted open access book content. With the implementation for African Minds, we kick off a new service for open access publishers. The technical team of ScienceOpen has built a user-friendly interface that produces streamlined, machine readable metadata to quickly integrate rich book records onto ScienceOpen, provide Crossref DOIs, long-term archiving and more. Our partners at African Minds have tested and implemented the new interface to create a collection of books and book chapters that will extend the reach and accessibility of science from Africa.  

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Welcoming the Pan African Medical Journal Collection

Connecting the Global Research Community

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

ScienceOpen was founded to facilitate scientific exchange and accelerate scholarly communication, and a main pillar of how we do this is by fostering open and public communication among academics. We think it is especially important for collaborations to reach across continental and cultural boundaries to increase inclusivity in the scientific community. Thus, we continually reach out to publishers and organizations outside of the Western research community of Europe and North America to increase the diversity of content on ScienceOpen, both in topics and perspectives. In doing so, we strive to broaden the global context of research indexed on the platform and to expand the network of researchers using ScienceOpen to encourage collaboration among research communities. These efforts have led to the start of many new projects across the world, and today, we are proud to introduce our newest partnership with the Pan African Medical Journal (PAMJ).

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Explore the new, open-access Journal of Urban Archaeology by Brepols Publishers

Introducing the Journal of Urban Archaeology

Urban societies have created a remarkable and immense archaeological record, and the material yielded from urban sites can reveal a lot of different information about cultural constructions, environmental issues, social evolution, and more. Up to now, however, this material has often been discussed within the framework of different regional and topical approaches rather than within its own field. The Journal of Urban Archaeology (JUA), published by Brepols, is the first journal to recognize urban archaeology as a field within its own right and is intended to provide an intellectual forum for researchers working on the archaeology of urban societies. The Journal of Urban Archaeology is now discoverable on ScienceOpen in a unique Featured Collection, expanding ScienceOpen and Brepols Publishers’ partnership.

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ScienceOpen and Partners in Digital Health expand their partnership to promote Telehealth and Medicine Today

ScienceOpen and Partners in Digital Health expand their partnership to promote Telehealth and Medicine Today

Introducing the international, open-access journal Telehealth and Medicine Today

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a huge focus on improving telehealth and telemedicine. Electronic systems are used at an increasing rate—patients are asked to fill out forms on their smartphones in their cars rather than on a paper copy in a waiting room, and when possible, clinical sessions are switched to online to prevent any chance of virus transmission. ScienceOpen is thus pleased to announce the addition of a leading forum for the growing health technology sector to the ScienceOpen platform: Telehealth and Medicine Today (TMT) by Partners in Digital Health (PDH). TMT is the second PDH journal to be integrated into the platform, joining Blockchain in Healthcare Today (BHTY). Both journals are now discoverable in the context of 65+ million scholarly records and are supported by the advanced search engine, collection infrastructure, andnumerous user engagement features of ScienceOpen.  

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Giving a Warm Welcome to the History Education Research Journal

Giving a Warm Welcome to the History Education Research Journal

The New Education Journals published by UCL Press

In the last several months, ScienceOpen has welcomed four education and social science journals based at the UCL Institute of Education and published by UCL Press: the Film Education JournalLondon Research of EducationInternational Journal of Development Education and Global Learning, and Research for All. The History Education Research Journal (HERJ) is the fifth and final journal of this series to be presented alongside its new issue 17(2), which is out today! All of these education journals are now hosted on ScienceOpen where they are freely accessible and supported by our expert metadata and technology services.  

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