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Nano-Horizons launches with cutting-edge Nanotechnology research from Africa

Nano-Horizons launches with cutting-edge Nanotechnology research from Africa

Nano-Horizons will present African research perspectives and developments in nanotechnology while also adding significant innovative research outputs from the University of South Africa’s (Unisa) on our network, research which will also reflect UNISA’s engagement and main role as Africa Chair in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.

The journal is currently accepting Mini Reviews, Articles, Short Communications, Reports, and Express Letters in topics related to Nanoscience and researchers interested in this topic can submit a paper to the journal directly through ScienceOpen. Stay up-to-date with Nano-Horizons, follow the collection and check their call for papers and guidelines for submissions on the collection page.

A diamond Open Access journey around the globe

Diamond Open Access journals shining bright on the colorful Open Access landscape. These independent scholarly forums provide immediate Open Access completely free of charge to both authors and readers. Their mission of making academic knowledge a public good is achieved with support from academic institutions and donations but more importantly it is achieved by the passionate volunteer work of editors, editorial board members, and reviewers.

To help these valuable contributions to become more visible, we run a free indexing competition for APC-free OA journals and offer our winners a Featured Collection for one year for free. Collections are a specialized and customized promotional service to increase visibility and findability of selected journals or selected research topics within our discovery platform and can easily be used to also track and measure usage of research articles.

In the last round of 2017, focus was on the field of medicine and health, since Open Access to research might nowhere be of more immediate importance. Our winners connect research from Europe, India, and Asia and give you an insight of the latest medical innovations as well as research on physical and mental wellbeing.

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