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Humanities and Social Sciences Research on ScienceOpen 

Humanities and Social Sciences Research on ScienceOpen 

At ScienceOpen, we are committed to promoting cutting-edge, transparent, and socially responsible research across languages and disciplines. While our platform was originally based primarily in the natural and physical sciences, in recent years our portfolio has greatly expanded and our network now also includes excellent research from the arts, humanities, and social sciences

In today’s post, we are excited to showcase collections from the ScienceOpen platform that cover scholarship from various facets of the humanities and social sciences. 

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Welcoming Radboud University Press on ScienceOpen

Welcoming Radboud University Press on ScienceOpen

ScienceOpen’s ever-growing network is constantly being enriched with content from a wide range of publishers, including numerous university presses and new journals published by university presses.

Radboud University Press’s new ScienceOpen collection will include many book titles as well as publications from four of its journals in English, Dutch, and French, enriching not only the platform’s multilingual content but also the fields of literature, language, and religious studies.

Humanities Content on ScienceOpen

Humanities Content on ScienceOpen

ScienceOpen features humanities and social sciences research

Although our name may suggest a focus on the physical and natural sciences, ScienceOpen works with all types of scholarly publishers. Many of our partners are publishing in the fields of humanities and social sciences (HSS), and so ScienceOpen is a great resource for research in these areas in addition to STEM subjects. In this post, we are pleased to highlight some very interesting and recently added HSS content and Collections on the platform.

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Amsterdam University Press Books using ScienceOpen Metadata Services

Amsterdam University Press Books using ScienceOpen Metadata Services

The New Partnership

Amsterdam University Press has strategically partnered with ScienceOpen to enrich its metadata and feature its scholarly books on ScienceOpen’s interactive search and discovery platform. ScienceOpen has provided expert technical support with the generation of rich, machine-readable metadata and assigning and depositing Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to Crossref. By partnering with ScienceOpen, Amsterdam University Press (AUP) can now dedicate more of its focus to the editing aspects of publishing—leaving the technical responsibilities to ScienceOpen’s Metadata Technical Hub.  

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ScienceOpen partners with Brepols Publishers to put European humanities research in a global context

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The research discovery platform ScienceOpen is partnering with Brepols Publishers to integrate two new featured collections in interdisciplinary fields spanning the humanities/science divide into a global and interactive research environment.

ScienceOpen’s partnership with Brepols Publishers – an international academic publisher of research in humanities founded in 1796 – is an important step in ensuring the broadest audience for a greater discoverability of research in humanities.

ScienceOpen’s interactive features such as community curation, article reviews, comments and recommendations benefit the whole scientific community by facilitating public engagement with this scholarly research.

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New open access research in linguistics on ScienceOpen

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To increase the discoverability of latest research in linguistics and support open access scientific publishing, ScienceOpen has partnered with the Open Library of Humanities (OLH) to integrate Glossa and two more OLH open access linguistics journals—Journal of Portuguese Linguistics and Laboratory Phonology—in the ScienceOpen discovery environment as featured collections.

In November 2015, the entire editorial staff of the top journal in linguistics Lingua resigned in protest over high subscription prices imposed by the journal’s publisher, Elsevier. With the aim of producing a fully open access publication in linguistics, Lingua’s editors founded a new journal: Glossa. Since its foundation, Glossa has been committed to general linguistics, publishing contributions from all areas of the field researching the nature of language and the language faculty. Published by Ubiquity Press and supported by the Open Library of Humanities and LingOA, this journal is produced for all linguists, independent of their specialization.

To ensure that there are no unnecessary delays in making research publicly accessible, Glossa articles are made available online as soon as they are ready. The journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

ScienceOpen is committed to open exchange of research as a road to more progressive and open scientific societies worldwide. This partnership with the Open Library of Humanities contributes to globally open science by placing the featured collection ‘Glossa: a journal of general linguistics’ in the research discovery environment of over 47 million articles that can be filtered and sorted using ScienceOpen’s customized search engine to ensure all users find exactly what they are looking for. Continue reading “New open access research in linguistics on ScienceOpen”