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Welcoming Decoding Infection and Transmission on ScienceOpen

Welcoming Decoding Infection and Transmission on ScienceOpen

Fully open-access and peer-reviewed, Decoding Infection and Transmission welcomes infectious disease analyses and data resources, enriching our networks’ multidisciplinary content in all fields of relevance.

Have a look at the new journal collection on our network and explore its scholarship while fully benefiting from our community curation and dissemination tools.

Exploring Microbiology content on ScienceOpen

Exploring Microbiology content on ScienceOpen

Our network keeps getting bigger, and soon we will be reaching the 90 million publications milestone. ScienceOpen works with a diverse community of publishers and is a great and useful resource for research in many subjects, including microbiology.

Today, we want to highlight our content in Microbiology and other similar fields of interest which get presented on ScienceOpen through an interactive and innovative discovery infrastructure.

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Welcoming MIR Journal on ScienceOpen

Welcoming MIR Journal on ScienceOpen

The Microbiology Independent Research Journal (MIR Journal) is a new resource for academic researchers and professionals in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry.
ScienceOpen’s has laid out the optimal infrastructure for hosting MIR’s bilingual content, which will be showcased and contextualized among 84 million other publications via its interactive collection infrastructure.

Microbiology and addiction science – new AKJournals Collections put in focus

The science of infections and the science of addictions – Hungary’s leading scientific publisher, Akadémiai Kiadó, is adding two Collections by AKJournals, the journal publishing branch, to the ScienceOpen platform. New release addresses the topic of human health from two diverse perspectives: of microbiology & immunology and of behavioural addictions. The new featured Collections will join the ranks of AKJournals‘ three immense topical selections of research, all in one place on the newly launched Publisher Landing page of Akadémiai Kiadó. For your convenience, here’s the overview:

Methods by AKJournals | Life Sciences by AKJournals | Psychology by AKJournals (NEW) European Journal of Microbiology and Immunology
(NEW) Journal of Behavioral Addictions

New Collections by AKJournals

With the content being completely open access, AKJournals’ latest launch provides additional digital resources in the fields of medicine and of psychology for everyone to use! The featured research not only is very timely, but also its publishing standards are at the highest level, adhering both to publishing best practice and to ethical conduct guidelines for peer-review. This release is not to be missed on, so without any further ado, let’s dive in and explore AKJournals‘ new Collections!

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Beyond the Journal: ScienceOpen and the Microbiology Society Launch Collaboration on New Cross-Disciplinary Collections

For formal press release, see our Press RoomKnowledgespeak and Information Today, Inc.


ScienceOpen and the Microbiology Society are pleased to announce a collaboration on new ways to showcase cross-disciplinary research. The ScienceOpen discovery environment provides state-of-the-art technological infrastructure to promote exciting new initiatives from the Society’s journals.

Interdisciplinarity is key for the Microbiology Society in reaching a wide range of researchers, from microbiologists, clinicians, epidemiologists, social scientists and policymakers to physicists, chemists and engineers. In line with their mission to advance the understanding and impact of microbiology by connecting communities worldwide, the Society is exploring new ways to package digital information, from pop-up journals to mini-review formats, to bring diverse researchers together to solve global problems.

ScienceOpen has created a flexible “Collection” product to highlight publisher content within the larger context of academic research – with over 43 million articles and records on the site. The Microbiology Society is taking advantage of the full scope of interactive features available to researchers on ScienceOpen. As well as promoting the Open Access journal Microbial Genomics, the Society is using ScienceOpen to promote cross-disciplinary products that draw on articles from multiple journals, such as the new pop-up journal on antimicrobial resistance X-AMR, the Microbiome collection created in conjunction with the British Society for Immunology, and the Microbe and Virus Profiles created in conjunction with top microbiologists and the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses, both of which offer concise reviews for experts and beyond. Continue reading “Beyond the Journal: ScienceOpen and the Microbiology Society Launch Collaboration on New Cross-Disciplinary Collections”