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Nano-Horizons launches with cutting-edge Nanotechnology research from Africa

Nano-Horizons launches with cutting-edge Nanotechnology research from Africa

Nano-Horizons will present African research perspectives and developments in nanotechnology while also adding significant innovative research outputs from the University of South Africa’s (Unisa) on our network, research which will also reflect UNISA’s engagement and main role as Africa Chair in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.

The journal is currently accepting Mini Reviews, Articles, Short Communications, Reports, and Express Letters in topics related to Nanoscience and researchers interested in this topic can submit a paper to the journal directly through ScienceOpen. Stay up-to-date with Nano-Horizons, follow the collection and check their call for papers and guidelines for submissions on the collection page.

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Nanotechnology on ScienceOpen

Nanotechnology on ScienceOpen

As a relatively new and highly interdisciplinary science, nanotechnology’s rapid development is assisting researchers in their understanding of other sciences, while also facilitating breakthrough technological developments that make our daily lives better, healthier, and safer.

Today, we want to highlight our content in Nanotechnology, with some new journal additions and exciting and innovative scholarly content coming in the next weeks.

Nanotechnology and Energy: Highlights from De Gruyter Materials Science Program

Nanotechnology and Energy: Highlights from De Gruyter Materials Science Program

New De Gruyter Materials Science Collections

To showcase their cutting-edge book and journal publications in materials science, De Gruyter Publishers has created two topical collections on ScienceOpen in the fields of Nanotechnology and Energy. Now you can search, sort, explore and share thousands of book, chapter and article records in the unique ScienceOpen discovery interface.
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New research in materials science on ScienceOpen

Image Credit: Michael de Volder, Carbon Nanotube Lanterns, Flickr, CC BY 2.0

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At the border between chemistry and physics, between basic and industrial research, materials science draws inspiration from interdisciplinarity. It embraces a myriad of scientific disciplines—from established fields such as metallurgy and medicine, to ongoing research in nanotechnology and computer science—to develop countless products and technologies for a more comfortable and sustainable future. How ever we categorize it, discovering and engineering new materials to meet our modern challenges is crucial to our competitive technological global society.

How are ScienceOpen users working with materials science content on the platform? Researchers have started collections on silicon thin film solar cells, electron channelling contrast imaging (ECCI), photoluminescent nanomaterials, EU NanoSafety Cluster publications (journal articles), and small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS). We welcome more researcher-led collections in materials science so contact us today for editor status.

To bring together and increase the visibility of the latest materials research, ScienceOpen has joined efforts with Carl Hanser Verlag in a partnership that integrates all of Hanser’s journal content and highlights the International Journal of Materials Research (IJMR) in the ScienceOpen discovery environment in the form of a featured collection. Continue reading “New research in materials science on ScienceOpen”