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Research from MENA on ScienceOpen

Research from MENA on ScienceOpen

Our network of over 81 million publications features plenty of books, research articles, and book chapters in a wide range of disciplines that explore different aspects and breakthrough innovations of academia in the Middle East and Northern Africa, or topics covering issues affecting the region.

Within our discovery environment, ScienceOpen offers services for publishers to highlight their academic content and promote the journal and publisher brands with unique collections, banner marketing, and search shortcuts.

Karger Publishers and ScienceOpen cooperate to highlight medical research

Karger Publishers, one of world’s leading health sciences publishers, will feature publications from dozens of their international, peer-reviewed journals in 11 topical Collections on ScienceOpen, including ten Collections of handpicked articles on specialized fields of medicine, as well as a special Collection on COVID-19. The new Collections are an invaluable digital resource for medical researchers and practitioners, and thanks to their comprehensive scope and the richness of the content, will boost dissemination of high-quality medical research in the digital space.

Particularly in the medical field it is essential to distinguish carefully selected and vetted research within the digital resources used globally for the health and well-being of all. We are therefore thrilled to be working with Karger Publishers to highlight these high-quality resources within the ScienceOpen discovery environment and encourage community interaction.

Stephanie Dawson, ScienceOpen CEO
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