Transform Your Society’s Online Presence with our INTEGRATOR 

Transform Your Society’s Online Presence with our INTEGRATOR 

You may have heard it here that ScienceOpen’s INTEGRATOR technology is readily available and used by numerous academic journals on our platform. The INTEGRATOR is similarly available for Society Publishing and is ready to enhance the accessibility and impact of your society’s content! 

ScienceOpen: An Interactive Discovery Environment 

Society publishing involves scholarly publications managed by Academic Societies or Professional Organizations, often focusing on specific fields or disciplines to provide highly relevant and high-quality content. For societies looking to expand their reach and enhance accessibility of their publications, ScienceOpen offers an unparalleled solution. 

At its core, ScienceOpen is a discovery platform with interactive features designed to help scholars enhance their research in an open-access environment, make a significant impact, and receive proper credit for their work. We provide context-building services for publishers, such as post-publication peer review, recommendations, social sharing, collection-building features, advanced search and discovery functions, and more. 

Integrator for Your Society’s Website 

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With ScienceOpen’s INTEGRATOR technology, societies can seamlessly embed their journals, books, or conference proceedings directly onto their websites. This integration simplifies the user experience with advanced search and filter options, enabling easy discovery of relevant content. By embedding curated collections directly onto their websites, societies can promote exploration, boost engagement, and showcase their most impactful content while keeping all content dynamically searchable. This powerful tool helps societies revitalize their websites and elevate their online presence within their respective fields. For Societies that outsource their publishing workflow, the INTEGRATOR technology sends the user directly to the Version of Record (VoR) at the Publisher partner or hosting website. 

Featured Society Publishers  

REPO4EU homepage showing SO integrator

Alongside their collections of research available on the ScienceOpen platform directly, RePo4EU uses the INTEGRATOR technology directly on their website. RePo4EU aims to establish a comprehensive EU platform for precision drug repurposing, serving as a global hub for data, training, collaboration, and value creation in this field.

KSCDR logo

The King Salman Center for Disability Research (KSCDR) is devoted to understanding and researching disabilities from interdisciplinary perspectives. Their Journal of Disability Research (JDR) is a global resource for informing health practitioners and researchers about new findings and perspectives, covering key topics such as disability fundamentals, research methodologies, rehabilitation practices, policy, assessment, and education. The KSCDR has implemented two INTEGRATORs to showcase their research in different ways: one INTEGRATOR is used to access all JDR publications and the other is based on the KSCDR Super Collection, allowing for advanced, filterable access to the entire publisher portfolio. 

HHRF logo

Through sustained investment in rigorous ethical research and educational initiatives, the Horses and Humans Research Foundation (HHRF) catalyzes global knowledge of horse-human interactions and their impact on the health and well-being of people, horses, and other equines. Discover how HHRF employs the INTEGRATOR on their website to promote research and education in horse-human interactions. 

Funded by the Committee of Tropical Diseases, China Endemic Diseases Society, Zoonoses is a platinum open-access journal for researchers, physicians, veterinarians, and public health professionals working on zoonotic diseases. It provides a platform for rapid publication of findings in medical, veterinary, and public health sciences. Zoonoses also uses ScienceOpen’s INTEGRATOR to enhance accessibility and engagement on its website.

screenshot of Zoonoses publications on their website showing the INTEGRATOR in action

Get your INTEGRATOR, too! 

The Physiological Society’s The Journal of Physiology and Society for Endocrinology are some of the newest candidates to start the process of getting INTEGRATORs!

Our INTEGRATOR technology offers a powerful solution for integrating your journal, books, or topical collections into your website, providing users with an enriched browsing experience and maximizing the impact of your content. To learn more about it and to explore how it can elevate your online presence, please reach out to Stuart Cooper. 

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