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The future of peer review is now!

It’s the most wondrous time of the year! Peer Review Week is the time when the scholarly communications community comes together to recognise the importance and value of peer review and peer reviewers.

This year, the theme is all about Recognising Review, and the valiant efforts of the research community in performing and managing peer review.


To celebrate this, and discuss the topic further, we will be holding a webinar on September 19th at 11AM GMT all about new and future approaches for acknowledging the peer review process.

We have assembled a crack panel of speakers for your entertainment:

  1. Andrew Preston, Founder of Publons
  2. Katie Ridd, Senior Editor at Nature Communications
  3. Alexander Naydenov, Co-founder of PaperHive
  4. Stephanie Dawson, CEO of ScienceOpen

Some of the general themes we’ll be exploring are the:

  • Importance of recognising the efforts of Editors and referees in facilitating and being involved in peer review, and especially ‘open review’;
  • Value of keeping the discussion going after research is published (i.e., the treatment of peer review as a process);
  • Innovative technologies and approaches to open and post-publication review;
  • Visions for the future of peer review, which also happens to fit in really nicely with the SPOTON theme this year.

The webinar will consist of four 10-15 minute talks from each of our presenters, and then an open discussion at the end until we either get bored or run out of time. If possible, we will record the event and publish all slides and the recording afterwards online.

To sign up, please register here, and contact if you have any questions or queries.

The link to the webinar is in the event registration page and will be using the GoToWebinar software, and we will send a reminder before the event too.

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