New Poverty and Social Justice Research from Bristol University Press

New Poverty and Social Justice Research from Bristol University Press

Supporting SDG1: The Journal of Poverty and Social Justice

Starting today, we will be running a countdown to the New Year by highlighting one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals each day with research on the platform. It is therefore with great timing that we announce a new collection on the platform from Bristol University Press for their Journal of Poverty and Social Justice (JPSJ)! The work of this Journal coincides perfectly with the first United Nations Sustainable Development Goal: End poverty in all its forms everywhere, which we are highlighting today.

The Journal of Poverty and Social Justice provides an internationally unique forum for leading research on the themes of poverty and social justice. Focusing on poverty and social exclusion, the journal explores links with social security (including pensions and tax credits), employment, area regeneration, housing, health, education and criminal justice, as well as issues of ethnicity, gender, disability, and other social inequalities as they relate to social justice. By featuring the Journal on ScienceOpen, JPSJ will benefit from the contextual environment of over 74 million records and an international research network base, helping increase the dissemination of its peer-reviewed research on poverty and social justice issues.

Editor’s top 5 article picks

Jump into the Journal of Poverty and Social Justice by exploring these top five picks from the Editor:

The Bristol University Press COVID-19 Collection

Bristol University Press strives to publish world-class scholarship that advances theory, knowledge and learning within and beyond academia. This exciting university press questions the status quo, promotes social justice and reframes ideas in a global context. We have also recently worked with BUP to create a COVID-19 Collection which explores some of the social impacts of the pandemic, including research into the role of COVID-19 in shifting the boundaries of political power, growing levels of poverty, increased social isolation and the demands placed on the third sector. See below for the most shared articles in BUP’s COVID-19 Collection:

More Research on Ending Poverty Everywhere on Twitter #ScienceOpenSDGs

We are very pleased to welcome this new collection of research on social justice problems onto ScienceOpen. We are proud to be able to highlight the Journal, with respect to the United Nations’ SDGs in particular, and look forward to working with Bristol University Press!

Follow along our Countdown to the New Year with the SDGs on Twitter with #ScienceOpenSDGs. And if you are interested in setting up a Collection for your Journal on ScienceOpen, please contact one of our sales representatives, Carlos (carlos.delahuerta<a> or Stuart (stuart.cooper<a>

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  1. Hey, thanks for sharing this knowledgeable Sustainable Development Goal blog with us. this problem is very serious in India. poverty is increasing now so we want to try to end poverty with the help of the Sustainable Development Goal.

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