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Introducing the Journal of Systems Thinking

Introducing the Journal of Systems Thinking

The Journal of Systems Thinking (JoST) is the first and only open-access post-publication peer-reviewed (PPPR) journal dedicated to basic scientific research, innovation, and public understanding in the areas of Systems Thinking (cognitive complexity), Systems Mapping (visual complexity), Systems Leadership (organizational complexity), and Systems Science (ontological complexity). 

The Journal of Systems Thinking will be now published and hosted on the ScienceOpen network, where its publications will be showcased among over 77 million scholarly records in a branded, visually appealing featured collection. ScienceOpen’s unique open peer review infrastructure will help JoST explore new avenues of open publishing.

A new approach towards science

The Journal of Systems Thinking holds true to the original ideals of science, without all the pomp and circumstance of academia, and simultaneously embraces the cutting-edge vision of open science as the basis for the journal’s structure and workflows – Open science is just science done well.

A rolling, online-only, open-access, free-to-publish, openly peer-reviewed journal. Each one of those descriptors is an important part of what makes JoST special in an age where academic publishing is in real need of an innovation reboot.

Dr. Derek Cabrera

In our rapidly changing and highly networked world, a blinded peer review system seems slow and out of date. In the new open peer review system for JoST, an author will submit a manuscript to be posted as a “preprint” for open peer review and discussion.

Important research results can be made available immediately and evaluated openly. Editors and authors can invite expert reviewers. Members of the community with the appropriate credentials can also review and comment on preprints. The preprint has a Crossref DOI that can be cited and tracked. Authors can revise their work according to reviewer comments and the history of the article allows readers to follow its progress through to final publication. Science Open’s built-in infrastructure for open, post-publication peer review has been used and improved since 2014. The final decision for publication lies with the Editors of JoST. 

Once an article is accepted it will be professionally published and distributed to a range of services. ScienceOpen provides long-term archiving through CLOCKSS, Google Scholar metatags, and support with indexing services for the widest possible distribution. And of course, all published articles will be hosted in the context of 77 million articles and open for discussion and post-publication review on the ScienceOpen platform.

To be published in the journal you need to write well, conduct thorough research, provide evidence for your claims and make it understandable to a general reader. 

Stephanie Dawson, CEO of ScienceOpen, is particularly excited to welcome this journal ready to experiment with open peer review: 

A journal for such a new and interdisciplinary field such as Systems Thinking is a perfect candidate for an open peer review system. I am really looking forward to working with the Systems Thinking editorial team to develop this open workflow further. Until now we have supported the University College London (UCL) with their prestigious project UCL Open: Environment to refine an open peer review system based on preprint publications and editorial oversight. I believe that open peer review can be a real game-changer and is the right model for the Journal of Systems Thinking.

Highlighted Titles from JoST:

सायद पाठ को तस्बिर हुनसक्छ

Follow JoST’s collection to get the latest updates from the journal and check out their open call for papers on a special issue dedicated to Diversity and Universality in Systems Thinking. Your participation in this new field is welcome!

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