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Success Stories of 2022 – JMIR

Success Stories of 2022 – JMIR

We continue our countdown towards 2023! #YearInReview

Celebrate with us and follow our Year in Review campaign, where we present some of the most remarkable accomplishments of 2022.

Let’s make Science Open!

Two new collections by JMIR

Over the last year, ScienceOpen and JMIR Publications have collaborated to create two collections that promote quality research in various health-related disciplines.

The publications in ScienceOpen are embedded in the discovery environment of over 82 million publications for increased visibility and placed in context with other relevant collections to increase the impact of the research by JMIR even further.

The JMIR Publications collection showcases the breadth and quality of digital health research in the JMIR portfolio. This collection covers JMIR’s most well-known disciplines, such as public health surveillance, serious games, informatics, AI applications in healthcare, and mental health.  Simultaneously, the JMIR Research Protocols Collection showcases methodologies published in advance of results

These two collections bring together researchers and academics from around the world, enhancing collaboration and the exchange of ideas while demonstrating the benefits of open-access publishing models.

Celebrate the diversity of JMIR’s content through some highlighted articles from the two collections:

It’s very easy and simple to submit to JMIR journals from the collection site on ScienceOpen. Just click the “Submit Manuscript” button, and you’ll be taken to a page with more details on how to send your manuscript.

Join ScienceOpen in 2023!

We are constantly upgrading and looking forward to seeing our network grow bigger in 2023.

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