Discover 7+ million books on ScienceOpen!

Discover 7+ million books on ScienceOpen!

We are thrilled to be back in London for the London Book Fair, and while the ScienceOpen team prepares for some exciting networking events, our blog will highlight the diversity of book scholarships on ScienceOpen in the upcoming days and weeks.

With over 7.4 million books and 2.4 million more book chapters featured in our network, we invite you to get the most out of our network and celebrate this vast book collection together. Register for free and share your favorite titles with us!

ScienceOpen offers institutions, independent publishers, university presses, and researchers cutting-edge technology as well as a variety of publishing solutions and services. If you will be attending the London Book Fair and would like to meet with Stuart Cooper to learn more about our services, feel free to contact him for a personal meeting.

Let’s navigate through our book collections together!

Explore book collections in Humanities and social sciences.

The University of Michigan Press (UMP) is a leading publisher and distributor of books and digital projects in humanities and social sciences. ScienceOpen has been collaborating with the University of Michigan Press not only on highlighting its titles as part of a featured Collection within our discovery environment, but also on assisting UMP with metadata enhancement by providing expert technical services.

And the good news is that nearly all of the featured titles on ScienceOpen are open access, which adds value to research while also contributing to a more open and accessible environment for scholars, students, and researchers.

Explore Michigan Publishing through some highlighted titles below:

Peter Lang Books has over 50 years of expertise publishing high quality, peer-reviewed scholarly books in the humanities and social sciences and publishes publish approximately 1,400 titles in multiple languages each year.  The Peter Lang Collection on ScienceOpen features 2500+ hand-picked books and book chapter titles, representing some of Peter Lang’s scholarship bests. Explore the collection on ScienceOpen and share your favorite books with us.

Radboud University Press is a diamond Open Access publisher of academic journals and books in a variety of fields. Radboud University Press, founded in 2021, has an open-access book collection on ScienceOpen that includes some of Radboud’s best titles in English and Dutch.

Follow Radboud University Press on ScienceOpen to get the latest updates and notifications whenever new titles are added to the collection.

Amsterdam University Press is another leading scholarly publisher of the Humanities and Social Sciences which benefits from ScienceOpen’s wide range of discovery services. Amsterdam University Press’ main goal is to make current research available to scholars, students, innovators, and the general public and it stands for scholarly excellence, global presence, and participation in the international academic community.

AUP’s collection on ScienceOpen includes more than 3700 book and book chapter titles in various disciplines, including over six hundred open-access books, ready for you to discover.

Explore the collection through the Editor’s picks below:


Dutch / Colonial History

Digital Media / Culture

Books in regional and security studies

Edinburgh University Press Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Collection showcases books that span a range of subject areas, including area studies where EUP’s scholarship takes a global approach, encompassing Asia, MENA and the wider world. This book scholarship sheds light on the experiences of minorities and diasporas worldwide while the politics & international relations research keeps scholars you up-to-date with the dynamic situation in the Middle East.

Have a look at the most recent titles in the EUP Collection:

Marine Corps University Press publishes open access books that provide a forum for interdisciplinary discussion of national security, international relations, military history/science, political science, and geopolitical issues and how they impact the Department of Defense, the Department of the Navy, and the U.S. Marine Corps directly and indirectly.

The ScienceOpen collection includes over 30 book titles, including:

Explore books in Education and Communication.

In disciplines related to education, African Minds provides prestigious open-access book scholarship that promotes scholarly work of African academics or those with a strong connection to Africa. African Minds prioritizes access, openness, and debate to expand African knowledge.

Book publishers on ScienceOpen represent different regions around the world and bring to our network different and innovative perspectives within academia.

University of Westminster Press features on ScienceOpen an open access interdisciplinary list with various book titles in media and communication studies; law and the senses; social theory; politics and history; internet studies, education and philosophy. UWP aims to achieve the widest and most cost-effective possible dissemination of research via a transparent multi-format medium. In the collection, you can find book titles like:

Another publisher that adds excellence to our book scholarship in the disciplines related to education is Sunway University Press, which focuses on turning research findings and exciting ideas into thought-provoking publications for the community.

Some new publications by Sunway University Press on ScienceOpen include:

Carl Grossmann Books provides you and your peers with easy access to a variety of books on topics such as law and legal studies, media studies, criminal procedure law, and human and civil rights. The full open-access collection on ScienceOpen includes a variety of publications, both in English and German, which are available anywhere and at any time. 

University of Maribor Press operates on a modern basis and meets the demands of today’s rapidly changing scientific communication. It publishes scientific books, expert books, textbooks, and other monographs in the fields of science, technology, art, humanities, and social sciences.

UMP joins the list of distinguished publishers on ScienceOpen that, through open access publishing, allow the academic community to explore new avenues of scientific communication.

Books in Finance, Economy, Medicine and Materials Science

The European Investment Bank (EIB) acts as a catalyst to better understand the challenges of investing in Europe’s economy and meet the financing needs of that investment. The EIB publishes a wide range of reports, studies and essays aimed at professionals and the general public, and these publications are available free of charge in their digital formats on the ScienceOpen collection.

UUM Press Books manages a bilingual collection of books available both in English and Malay, with a focus on promoting different disciplines and research subjects of the scholarly work at the Universiti Utara Malaysia. On ScienceOpen you can get easy access to some of the most recent publications by UUM Press and learn more about specific case studies, legal practices, finance and economy of Malaysia and other regions of interests.

De Gruyter publishes first-class scholarship and has done so for more than 270 years. An international, independent publisher headquartered in Berlin, De Gruyter brings to ScienceOpen high-quality books in the Materials Science Collection. Discover some of the most recent titles below:

Medical Physics Publishing maintains a comprehensive backlist of books, reports, and theses in medical physics and closely related fields, aiming to keep the medical physics community up-to-date with the most recent advancements in these disciplines.

On the collection by MPP you can find scholarly books written by and for physicists, residents, radiologists, and technologists.

Over 7 millions books for you to discover!

Our list of books extends further with smaller publishing houses, individual authors and books from research initiatives that enrich our network and give the opportunity to scholars from different disciplines to have all this scholarship available in one place.

We are happy to see the number of books and book chapter titles number grow bigger every month. Are you attending London Book Fair this year and want to learn more about our book hosting and discovery services? Get in touch with Stuart Cooper. He is currently in London and looking forward to meeting you!

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