New: Genetoberfest Conference Collection on ScienceOpen

New: Genetoberfest Conference Collection on ScienceOpen

Genetoberfest is a conference that happened in Munich, Germany earlier in October, aiming to cross the bridges between theory and clinical practice between bioinformaticians and clinicians

As the proud hosting platform of the conference proceedings, ScienceOpen has dedicated a unique collection to Genetoberfest where abstracts and proceedings will be easily accessible, shareable, and put in the larger context of 90 million publications on ScienceOpen.

Genetoberfest Collection on ScienceOpen

Crossing bridges between bioinformatics and clinical research

At the Genetoberfest conference, 2 keynote talks13 plenary talks, and 24 flash talks covered topics of gene-regulatory mechanisms, AI in genetic diagnostics, implementation of OMICS technologies in clinical practices, drug target prediction and drug repurposing, topics of open science, and data storage and sharing, touching upon the latest developments in these fields and disciplines related to OMICS technologies.

In our unique Collection infrastructure, ScienceOpen provides open access publishing for conference proceedings, giving conferences an online presence that increases dissemination and awareness of their proceedings.

On ScienceOpen, scholars can follow developments related to the conference and scholarly knowledge exchange in bioinformatics.

Highlighted discussions and proceedings:

Each of the seven sessions was followed by a lively podium discussion in which the speakers engaged with each other and the audience. The Genetoberfest had over 90 participants from 14 different countries. The diverse international and professional background of the speakers and participants laid the ground for insightful discussions that touched upon essential scientific and societal challenges of our time. A recurring theme was to find a common language between disciplines and making collaborations between wet and dry lab scientists more fruitful and rewarding for both sides. Furthermore, the panel discussions touched upon important topics and questions such as

  • the transformative impact of large-scale project fostering open science, such as The Cancer Genome Atlas or the International Human Epigenome Consortium.
  • opportunities for using AI in biomedical and clinical research.
  • limitations in open data sharing and strategies to overcome them.
  • how high-quality science could and should be incentivized.
  • how software development in biomedical science could be funded.
  • what science could learn from applications of AI in industry. 

These insightful discussions were continued during the two poster sessions where a total of 36 posters were presented.

The Genetoberfest was funded and hosted by the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The IAS serves as a flagship institute for top-level international research at TUM and has helped to drive the university’s development into one of Germany’s top academic institutions. The IAS Fellowship Program offers excellent guest scientists from academia and industry, as well as early-career scientists the chance to conduct world class, interdisciplinary research at TUM. This program has facilitated an intense collaboration between Hans-Fischer Senior fellow Professor Lothar Hennighausen (NIH, Bethesda, U.S.) and the group of Dr. Markus List (School of Life Sciences, TUM), which culminated in the successful conference Genetoberfest 2023, organized by the shared PhD student of both groups, Markus Hoffmann.

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  1. What an impressive collaboration between the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the successful Genetoberfest 2023! It’s inspiring to see the IAS Fellowship Program fostering international research and interdisciplinary collaboration, bringing together experts like Professor Lothar Hennighausen from NIH, Bethesda, and Dr. Markus List from TUM. The shared efforts of these brilliant minds, supported by the collaborative work of Markus Hoffmann, truly showcase the potential of global scientific partnerships.

    The use of ScienceOpen’s advanced search functionalities adds another layer of accessibility and efficiency to the research landscape, allowing users to easily find papers on their topics of interest. Kudos to everyone involved in making Genetoberfest 2023 a success, and the invitation to register on ScienceOpen for free or log into an existing account is a fantastic opportunity for researchers and enthusiasts alike to explore and engage with cutting-edge scientific content. Looking forward to more groundbreaking collaborations and events in the future!

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